Saturday, March 7, 2009

Glossary of Terms - Pregnancy and Childbirth

Please let us know if you can help with any of the incomplete translations!!!

Pregnancy  - Schwangerschaft

I am pregnant. 
Ich bin schwanger.

I need a pregnancy test.
Ich brauche ein Schwangerschaftstest.

I think I’m about x weeks pregnant.
Ich denke, ich bin ungefähr X wochen schwanger.

My last period was X weeks ago.
Meine letzte Periode war vor X Wochen.

Maternity clothes
Die Umstandskleidung.







ex. - I am nauseous.  ---

To throw up

brechen, sich ubergeben
ex. - I’ve been throwing up.
I can’t keep anything down.

Doctor’s Appointment -- Arzttermin

Check up

Termin, Kontrolle

To cancel (an appointment)

Einen Termin absagen
ex. - I need to cancel my appointment.
To make an appointment

Einen Termin ausmachen, einen Termin geben lassen, einen Termin vereinbaren
ex. - I need to make an appointment.

das Zimmer

Please take a seat.
Nehmen Sie bitte Platz. 


Blood Pressure

Der Blutdruck
Blood pressure measurement – die Blutdruckmessung
High blood pressure – hoher Blutdruck
Low blood pressure – niedriger Blutdruck

Diabetes test
Sugar in urin
Urin test


Blood test

die Blutprobe, die Blutuntersuchung

Iron levels

 Low iron - schlechten/niedrigen Eisenwert
Ultra sound

Das sonogram, das Ultraschall, das ultraschallbild


Uterus, die Gebärmutter



Die Vagina (hard “g”), die Scheide

Baby’s size

Baby’s weight

Labor and Delivery  - Entbindung




Transition stage of delivery




Delivery room

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bayerischer Hof - Gourmet Bavarian, Herzogenaurach

Bayerischer Hof Website

Bayerischer Hof, Erlanger Str. 5,91074 Herzogenaurach

A favorite Herzogenaurach location, the Bayerischer Hof provides a fabulously gourmet approach to Bavarian cuisine.  They also have great American-sized steaks, and a wonderful atmosphere. Staff is friendly and speaks perfect English.

Evening Menu (Changes Weekly)

Recommended: Filet Steaks, Schäufele (If available), Apfelküchle (Super Yummy baked apple dessert served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream... beware might take a while to get to your table - but so worth it!)


Shopping Cart Chips

Ever get frustrated because you realize as soon as you pull into your grocery store parking lot that you don't have the requisite change to get a shopping cart?  I searched high and low for plastic chips for sale before I found out that you can get them for free at Obi.  Just ask at the service counter for "chips" for your "einkaufswagen!"  "Ich habe kein Kleingeld!"

You also get a couple with many of the Reisenthel shopping bags...

The Graves of Adi & Rudolf Dassler

On a whim, we decided to go find the graves of Adi and Rudolf Dassler in the Herzogenaurach cemetery yesterday. For those of you who don't know, Adi and Rudolf were brothers who started a shoe making company together. They focused on sport shoes, and were having great success when the brothers started to quarrel. Rudolf left the company to start his own company and called it Puma. Adi changed the name of his company to adidas. Both companies are still headquartered in little old Herzogenaurach, and the feud between the brothers lasted until their death, and affected the history of Herzogenaurach for years to come. Town citizens were basically forced to pick sides, and the town became known as "``the town of bent necks'' because locals wouldn't talk with anyone until they looked to see what shoes they were wearing.

Both brothers are buried in the Herzo cemetery. You find Rudolf immediately to the right as you walk in using the south-west entrance. He is buried with his wife and parents. To find Adi however, you have to trek all the way to the farthest corner of the cemetery, on the opposite side - near the north-east entrance. He is buried with his wife and son.

You can read more about the brothers, their history and the town HERE.

Nürnberg Senfladen

We have discovered a wonderful mustard (Senf) shop, here in Nürnberg, that will be sorely missed once we leave! It has hundreds of varieties of Senf, in all sorts of flavors. My favorite is tomatoe mustard, and if you watch the recipes on my family blog, you've probably heard me mention it.

anyway - for all of you expat ladies, the shop is just at the top of the hill on the way up to the base of the castle at the Albrecht Dürer platz.

Bergstrasse 27
90403 Nürnberg

Yum, yum, Senf!