Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bayerischer Hof - Gourmet Bavarian, Herzogenaurach

Bayerischer Hof Website

Bayerischer Hof, Erlanger Str. 5,91074 Herzogenaurach

A favorite Herzogenaurach location, the Bayerischer Hof provides a fabulously gourmet approach to Bavarian cuisine.  They also have great American-sized steaks, and a wonderful atmosphere. Staff is friendly and speaks perfect English.

Evening Menu (Changes Weekly)

Recommended: Filet Steaks, Schäufele (If available), Apfelküchle (Super Yummy baked apple dessert served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream... beware might take a while to get to your table - but so worth it!)


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Frankonia said...

Exquisite place for the "Geldigen" :-)