Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Markets...

OK - so by now, you've probably made it to at least one... but ever find yourself wondering if there's some special little town, without all the crowds, but beautiful in it's magical setting?  Or maybe you'd like to find a way to go to a Christmas market in a town you haven't yet explored, but don't know which towns have them?

Well here's a tip on a lesser known, but fabulous market close by, AND a great list of Christmas markets - in English!

The Christmas Market list can be found here -
 which seems to be a great English resource for all sorts of things about Germany, not just Christmas markets!  The list of towns is on the lower left hand side of the article.

And the suggested market is Bad Wimpfen.  It's about 2 hours from here, so definitely not around the corner, but is supposed to be absolutely magical, and a bit more off the beaten path than Nürnberg or Rothenberg.  It is one of the oldest markets in Germany, and is located in the town's old medieval center, nestled under the "Blaue Turm" one of the old medieval towers.

An excerpt from their website -
 "Different to many other big cities, where Christmas markets have developed into types of annual markets, Wimpfen offers here arts and crafts articles, complimenting the idea of Christmas gift shopping.

Something else differs Wimpfen from other Christmas Markets, it is a festival for children.

The „ Christkind “ (Christchild) and St. Nikolaus (Father Christmas), accompanied by medieval foot soldiers, hand out little presents to the children. Two roundabouts near the „ Blaue Turm “ and the „ Loewenbrunnen “ (Lions Fountain) are awaiting the children.

In the „ Fairy Tales Tower “ , the story of the „ Tales of the 4 Seasons “ will be told to the little visitors. On all Saturdays and Sundays there will be puppetshows in the „ Zehentscheue r“ (Tenth Giving Barn), where the medieval villagers of Wimpfen were compelled to give 10 percent of their harvest to the church. This barn was to store the crop given."


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Condensed and Evaporated Milk

As the Christmas baking season has commenced, I thought I would post my research findings on condensed and evaporated milk here in Germany.  I know several of my recipes call for one or the other...

In the coffee section of most stores you can find something called Kondensmilch, which I believe is what we would call evaporated milk - meaning that most of the moisture has been removed.  It will be sweeter and thicker than regular milk because it has been evaporated.

But what we call Condensed Milk, is also usually cooked down further, and more sugar is added, so that it is even thicker and sweeter than evaporated milk. 

Some posts say that you can find Kondensmilch with sugar added, so if your German is good enough, reading the label might tell you.

Other posts reccomended a Nestlé product of condensed sweetened milk in tubes and cans under the brand "Milchmädchen".

And another post suggested using the cans of Bären Marke you can find in the coffee section, but I haven't checked the label on this one, so do so first!

And last, but not least... you can always make it.  For a recipe, click HERE.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Motherhood in the Fatherland

Series I found on The Local about pregnancy and motherhood in Germany.  There are seven articles at this point, and very interesting reading!

Der Spiegel Online - In English

Didn't realize this was even out there.  I'll probably still stick with an American site for general news, but should be a good source for German news!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Come sing Christmas Carols!

6 p.m. (18 Uhr) Sunday, Dec. 12th 2010





Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lebkuchen Recipe!!!!!

I'm not sure I REALLY need this recipe... I'm already eating Lebkuchen for breakfast!   Thanks Rebecca!

Recipe for Eliesen Lebkuchen

6 eggs
400 g. sugar
beat together until frothy

250 g. ground almonds (Mandeln)
250 g. ground hazelnuts (Hazelnuss)

200 g. diced zitronat
200 g. diced orangeat

2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg flower (Muskatblüte) (or nutmeg)
1/4 tsp. ground cloves (Nelken)

Mix together in order given. Bake 30 mins. at 175C (about 350F) until golden brown. Frost with powdered sugar or melted chocolate (use a brush)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Australiss Christmas Market and Erlangen Library Bake Sale

Australiss is having their annual Christmas Market. COME and JOIN us ... meet new people, eat, drink and toast the Christmas season

When: Friday 19th and Saturday 20th November
From: 10am to 7pm

TEL: (09131) 9740 469

What is on offer?

Felt articles and Felt Jewelry
Gourmet products

Baking sale to raise funds for English books at the Erlangen Library

And more ......

BBQ in the Hof Freitag 16 Uhr bis 19 Uhr
BBQ in the Hof Samstag 11 Uhr bis 19 Uhr
Kangaroo Steaks, Australian Beefsteaks
In the Cellar - waffels with lemon myrtle, wattleseed
Glühwein and Prosecco


Monday, November 15, 2010

More Travel Ideas...

Just recently came across a copy of the Smithsonian which was devoted to Rick Steves top 20 picks for travel destinations in Europe.  If you don't know who Rick Steves, is he is probably the foremost travel buff specializing in Europe.  The picks which were included in the Smithsonian were his favorites, taking into account that most of these places let you experience Europe "through the back door" or as a European.  Most of them are a bit more obscure than the obvious choices, like Paris and London.  Although he does include a few major cities (Rome, although by night; Venice, Florence and Prague.)  The articles are all very good, and enjoyable to read - but be warned... they made me want to see each of these places, if I haven't been yet, and I'm not sure how we'll do all that!

P.S. - if you count them, there are 21, because he also included his top choices on castles across Europe.

Rome by Night, Italy -

Halstatt, Austria -

Hydra Island, Greece -

Cotswolds, England -

Istanbul, Turkey -

Vernazza, Italy -

Tallin, Estonia -

Rue Cler, Paris -

Baden-Baden, Germany -

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland -

Castles Across Europe -Carcassonne (France,) Burg Eltz (Germany,) Rheinfels (Germany,) Chateau de Chillon (Switzerland,) Reifenstein castle (Italy,) Moorish Ruins of Sintra (Portugal,) Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and the Ehrenberg Ruins - in one day! (Germany)

Florence, Italy -

Gimmelwald, Switzerland -

Blackpool, England -

Prague, Czech Republic -

Aero, Denmark -

Algarve, Portugal -

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovinia -

Bruges, Belgium -

Venice, Italy -

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Regensburg... for shopping!

OK - so Regensburg is a beautiful city, notable historically as well as for the fact that it was spared from allied bombing during the war.  But I'll let you refer to your guide books for the sight-seeing details...  I'm going to post about it because I love the shopping there!  It's an hour away, straight down on the 3; and because it is rather obscure to most sight-seers, and not quite as big as Nürnberg, the shopping isn't bogged down with tourists, and the streets aren't full of "mall" stores.  Cute, little boutiques abound!

(And I know my posts must be making you think that I am a shopaholic these days, but we have family visiting, and with Christmas right around the corner, our sight-seeing has included quite a bit of shopping!)  The last time I was in Regensburg was a Sunday, so I was thrilled to get back and explore on a weekday, and it was well worth it - will definitely be one of my favorite "einkaufen" destinations.

Shops include toys, home furnishings, dancewear, kitchenware, persian and oriental rugs, cute little "tchotchky" gift shops, handmade goods, antiques, kids clothes, men's clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes, several very nice Trachten moden shops, and every price-point of women's clothing from the very high end to second hand, including several little boutiques which had wonderful Bavarian "inspired," but fun, funky and very trendy women's clothes.  Here's a tiny little sampling of what I found...


"Bavarian" Jacket

Pretzel Bag?  (love it!)


TK Maxx
Yes... you saw that right.  It's the same store.  Guess they the "J" didn't work here or something...  good deals on brand names!

Foto Art - Elisabeth Wiesner
Nice photography.. a little more like we're used to in the States?

Garderobe Secondhand
Think vintage... not thrift shop.  (OK, maybe a little thrift-shoppy... but you know what they say about one man's treasure...)

Das Kaufhäuschen
Fun gifts and jewelry.  Cute kids stuff, printed bags and "Pip" brand items.

Brigitte von Boch
This stuff speaks for itself!

Didn't go in here, but looked quite classy from the outside... so many shops, so little time!

Cult at Home
Fun seasonal home stuff, couldn't pull any pics off their site...



Keep in mind that this is just a small sampling... there were tons of other places worth looking, and I either couldn't find their website, or dudn't write down their information.  And wandering down the little winding streets is so much fun... who knows, maybe you can even find time to see some of the "sights."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nachtmann Crystal Factory Outlet

Started thinking about your Thanksgiving table decorations?  Need a new candy dish or vase for your holiday decorating?  Feeling like a little "sparkle" might liven it up?  Or maybe the old stemware seems a bit drab?  Perhaps you should consider picking up some nice crystal pieces at a good price while you're here!

The Nachtmann factory and outlet is only about an hour and a half away in Neustadt a. d. Waldnaab.  I made a visit last week and definitely picked up some good buys, including serving pieces, dessert bowls, Christmas decorations and a lovely footed candy dish!  They have Nachtmann and other brands like Waterford at great prices, everything from steins to stemware, vases, platters, candle holders, etc - all styles and price ranges.

And just down the hill from the factory store is another "unofficial" outlet which also had great buys, as well as a Villeroy and Boch outlet, which is currently running a pre-closing 20% off all items promotion.  We were certainly happy we made the trip!

FIS Flea Market this Saturday!

The FIS PTO is sponsoring a flea market this Saturday from 10 till 2pm.  Head over, look for "new" treasures, and good deals, buy some baked goods, and support a good cause!

Located in the FIS conference room.
Marie-Curie-Str. 2
91052 Erlangen
Tel (09131) 94039-0

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday Weekend AND Time to Set the clocks!

Greetings to All- Just a friendly reminder that this coming Monday is a holiday - which means you should get to the shops early on Saturday, as they will be a mob scene as people stock up to last until Tuesday when they open again!

And, we set the clocks back Saturday night, not on Novemeber 7th as in the US!

And should you be caught unprepared, you might have trick or treaters on Sunday, too!  I know my neighborhood has quite a few.  Our rule is... if the porch light is on - they're fair game!

Enjoy the long weekend!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Catalog - Online Shopping - Good prices!

Sweater - 24.99

Dress - 29.99

Boots - 44.95

Tunic dress - 19.99

Pinwhale cord dress - 19.99

Boys Sweater - 12.99

Sweater Jacket 19.99

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!!!

I was at Handelshof yesterday and saw that they now have Magic Erasers!  (If you've never used one, you have to try them!  They are these fabulous sponges which you just wet, and can then use to scrub the walls or lots of other surfaces to get out marks which would normally require a new coat of paint!)  Of course they're called Mr. Proper or whatever Mr. Clean is called here - but they look to be the same product otherwise!!!  Just look for teh bald guy, and remember.. always test on a small, unnoticeable surface area first!  Or be like me, and just go for it with gusto...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Little Ones Love Legos???

This weekend, in Neumarkt, there is an exhibition of LEGO by the same people who did the Lego displays in Arcaden in Erlangen a few months ago.

Exhibit is 1000 - 1800 Saturday and Sunday (16th and 17th)
Große Jurahalle Neumarkt
92318 Neumarkt i. d. OPf.

More info and map HERE.

Franconian Society Annual Autumn Book Sale

On Friday, 12 November, 5:30 pm - the Franconian Society will be hosting their Annual Autumn Book Sale in the Turnerbund Sports Club.  All proceeds are donated toward charitable causes, and the word on the street is that books are very well priced (and ENGLISH!)  So if you find yourself running to the library as often as I am, you might be interested in checking this out!

Turnerbund Sports Club, Spardorferstr. 79
November 12th, 5:30 pm

The Franconian Society

The Franconian Society is an independent, international society founded in Erlangen in 1984.    They host a variety of different events and outings which are both mentally stimulating as well as ideal social gatherings.   They regularly host "Stammtisch Night" on the 1st Friday of each month.  Each month there is a different program after dinner, which tend toward the educational but are often fun and interactive.

Their activities also include dinner club evenings, literary nights, local tours, book sales and more.  Most events are held at the Turnerbund Sports Club in Erlangen.  For more information, contact: Marie-Luise Murphy at 09131-52412 A regular newsletter is published with planned activities.

See next post for details on their Annual Autumn Book Sale!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sangam - a Traditional Indian Restaurant

Tried this newly opened Indian restaurant in Nürnberg last night and were quite pleased.  It's easily reached, on the König straße, just across from the Bahnhof and the Königs Tor.  It's very nicely decorated and roomy inside, and despite some reviews we read, I found the service quite hospitable as well - even with my 3 year old daughter in tow!  They also quickly switched to English when they noticed us speaking it.

I had the Butter Chicken, which I always get, and was not disappointed - although I thought there could have been a couple more pieces of chicken.  My husband had the Tandoori platter, and was also quite happy with it, quickly declaring that we would be back...

König Straße 83-87, 90402 Nürnberg, Daily 11.30 to 24.00 Hrs


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kinder and Babybasars in the area...

Here are some specifics I have found for some which might be of interest...


September 10th, 13:30 - 16:30
Gem.saal Kreuzkirche
Lochner Str. 17

Erlangen -

Kindergarten St. Bonifaz - Commission Run (not Selbst Verkaüfer)
September 18th, 9-11:30
Pfarrheim Str. Bonifaz
Siebold Str 13

Kiga Im Heuschlag 10, 91054 - Commission Run
September 18th,  9:30 - 12

Erlanger Kongress und Marketing (EKM) - Selbst Verkaüfer
September 11th, 9 - 1300
Heinrich Lades Halle

October 2nd, 10-12
Kath. Kirche


September 17th & 18th
Pfarrzentrum St. Otto
Theodor Heuss Str.14

Kinder Basar
October 8th & 9th
Pfarrzentrum St. Otto
Theodor Heuss Str.14

Jugendliche & Erwachsene
October 15th & 16th
Pfarrzentrum St. Otto
Theodor Heuss Str.14

November 5th & 6th
Martin Luth Haus

September 18th

Neustadt a.d. Aische

Katze - Secondhand Basar
06. bis 30. September 2010 in der Loscherfesthalle
08:30 - 11:00 Uhr
und 15:00 - 17:30 Uhr

For more neighborhood listings and info:

If you know of any other good ones, please let me know so that I can share!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Fancy" French Children's Clothing

Ooh la la!

Found this shop in Nürnberg in the walking area, a bit expensive, but great for special occasions:

Jacadi Paris - Website

NÜRNBERG 90402 Bankgasse 3 – Ecke Lorenzen Platz +49 911 20 48 59

And a friend just alerted me to this website, a little less expensive, but equally as nice!

chateau de sable - website