Sunday, March 7, 2010


Recently I got asked about where to buy cilantro here in Germany.  Then I realized I hadn't included that here on the website yet!

Cilantro is known as Koriander here in Germany.  Yep!  You heard me right!  Coriander as we know it comes from the seed of the coriander plant, but when you let it grow into a plant, we call it cilantro, and use the leaves as fresh or dried herbs.  Here they still call it corinader!

You can find it in most town markets or farmer's markets.  Haven't seen it yet in a grocery store...


Jamie said...

Buy Koriander here:
Frucht Karabag
Approximately Nürnberger Straße 55
91052 Erlangen
(You have to ask for it... "Haben Sie Koriander?" They always do.)

I have seen it at Kaufland on Carl-Thiersch-Str. a couple of times, but not frequently. Yum, yum!

Katie said...

Thanks J! Everybody will appreciate that! I will add it to the Ingredients Page!

Unknown said...

U can also get it from Asian store in Erlangen. Its available by the name Coriander there.
The address is :
Gandhi Asia Shop - Erlangen
Goethestraße 44 (Am Bahnhof)
91054 Erlangen
Tel.: 09 131 - 4 01 12 48