Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Word - gleich

I was studying a little German this morning, and kind of got into the word "gleich."  I've known this word for a while, but frequently get confused by it.  I like to listen to German talk-radio to learn new words, but because "gleich" has a one-to-many relationship with English words, sometimes it leaves me hanging.  So I thought I'd share, because it's a super handy word!

adj - equal
adj - (identisch) the same
adv - (sofort) equally
adv - (bald) immediately

gleich hinter dem Haus - just behind the house
gleich am Anfang - at the very beginning
es ist mir gleich - it's all the same to me
zu gleichen Teilen - in equal parts
das gleiche, aber nicht dasselbe Auto - a similar, but not the same car
ganz gleich wer/was - no matter who/what
2 mal 2 gleich 4 - 2 times 2 equals 4
bis gleich! - see you soon!
wie war doch Ihr Name? - What was your name again?
Es ist gleich drei Uhr. - It's almost 3 o'clock.
gleich gesinnt - like minded
gleich lautend - identical
sie sind gleich groß - they are the same size
gleich nach/an - right after/at
gleichaltrig - of the same age
gleichartig - similar
gleichbedeutend - synonymous (meaning the same)

phew!  What a workhorse of a word!


Linda said...

Your German gets better every day--keep up the study--it's obviously paying off!

Frankonia said...

"Gleich" means also "mañana":
"Bitte bring den Müll raus"
"... gleich, gleich ..."
"Nicht gleich, SOFORT!"

vicki said...

Actually, "bald" means "soon" and "sofort" means "immediately." "Gleich" is sometime in between.