Monday, June 14, 2010


In the little town of Buch, is a sweet little guesthouse appropriately named Süß!  We tried it Saturday and would highly recommend it to anyone in the mood for some home-style Franconian fare. 

The menu was quite large, and the prices were very reasonable.  I had the Schaüfele and would suggest it.  It is a standard item on the menu, which is sometimes not the case in guesthouses.  The sauerkraut was also very good, cooked with carraway.  The ambience is typical German guesthouse - very warm and inviting, with lots of carved wood panelling and warm colors.  But it lacks the dark, claustrophobic feel that is also so typical of German guesthouses, and has lots of natural light to illuminate your Schnitzel!

They are also well known for their Carp when in season.  They are, after all, nestled right in the heart of "Carp Land" so you might want to take the opportunity to drive around and enjoy all of the carp ponds and the scenery.


91085 Weisendorf - Buch
Reichenbacher Str. 1


Telefon: 09132 / 9306

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