Friday, July 16, 2010

More Shopping - Villa Stockholm

My husband is Dutch and I love going to visit his family because of all the wonderful shopping.  Their home stores are so cute, and full of shabby chic stuff ,adorable printed linens and more.  It was so surprising to me when we moved here, that the same kind of stores are so hard to find, even in the big cities.  Well, I was thrilled to say the least when a friend introduced me to this shop in our very own backyard on the Hauptstrasse in Herzogenaurach!

It's chock full of goodies - everything from knick-knacks to furniture, linens, pottery, porcelain and furniture - and all very affordably priced.  The proprietor, Lotta Valdmaa, speaks perfect English and is warm and welcoming as you enter the store.  The wares are considered Scandanavian, although much of it seems right out of a Martha Stewart magazine to me!

Villa Stockholm WEBSITE
Address and Hours:
Hauptstrasse 28, 91074 Herzogenaurach - 09132 835 49 57 - Mo-Fr 10-18, Sa 10-13

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