Monday, November 15, 2010

More Travel Ideas...

Just recently came across a copy of the Smithsonian which was devoted to Rick Steves top 20 picks for travel destinations in Europe.  If you don't know who Rick Steves, is he is probably the foremost travel buff specializing in Europe.  The picks which were included in the Smithsonian were his favorites, taking into account that most of these places let you experience Europe "through the back door" or as a European.  Most of them are a bit more obscure than the obvious choices, like Paris and London.  Although he does include a few major cities (Rome, although by night; Venice, Florence and Prague.)  The articles are all very good, and enjoyable to read - but be warned... they made me want to see each of these places, if I haven't been yet, and I'm not sure how we'll do all that!

P.S. - if you count them, there are 21, because he also included his top choices on castles across Europe.

Rome by Night, Italy -

Halstatt, Austria -

Hydra Island, Greece -

Cotswolds, England -

Istanbul, Turkey -

Vernazza, Italy -

Tallin, Estonia -

Rue Cler, Paris -

Baden-Baden, Germany -

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland -

Castles Across Europe -Carcassonne (France,) Burg Eltz (Germany,) Rheinfels (Germany,) Chateau de Chillon (Switzerland,) Reifenstein castle (Italy,) Moorish Ruins of Sintra (Portugal,) Neuschwanstein, Hohenschwangau and the Ehrenberg Ruins - in one day! (Germany)

Florence, Italy -

Gimmelwald, Switzerland -

Blackpool, England -

Prague, Czech Republic -

Aero, Denmark -

Algarve, Portugal -

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovinia -

Bruges, Belgium -

Venice, Italy -

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