Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Regensburg... for shopping!

OK - so Regensburg is a beautiful city, notable historically as well as for the fact that it was spared from allied bombing during the war.  But I'll let you refer to your guide books for the sight-seeing details...  I'm going to post about it because I love the shopping there!  It's an hour away, straight down on the 3; and because it is rather obscure to most sight-seers, and not quite as big as Nürnberg, the shopping isn't bogged down with tourists, and the streets aren't full of "mall" stores.  Cute, little boutiques abound!

(And I know my posts must be making you think that I am a shopaholic these days, but we have family visiting, and with Christmas right around the corner, our sight-seeing has included quite a bit of shopping!)  The last time I was in Regensburg was a Sunday, so I was thrilled to get back and explore on a weekday, and it was well worth it - will definitely be one of my favorite "einkaufen" destinations.

Shops include toys, home furnishings, dancewear, kitchenware, persian and oriental rugs, cute little "tchotchky" gift shops, handmade goods, antiques, kids clothes, men's clothes, shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes, several very nice Trachten moden shops, and every price-point of women's clothing from the very high end to second hand, including several little boutiques which had wonderful Bavarian "inspired," but fun, funky and very trendy women's clothes.  Here's a tiny little sampling of what I found...


"Bavarian" Jacket

Pretzel Bag?  (love it!)


TK Maxx
Yes... you saw that right.  It's the same store.  Guess they the "J" didn't work here or something...  good deals on brand names!

Foto Art - Elisabeth Wiesner
Nice photography.. a little more like we're used to in the States?

Garderobe Secondhand
Think vintage... not thrift shop.  (OK, maybe a little thrift-shoppy... but you know what they say about one man's treasure...)

Das Kaufhäuschen
Fun gifts and jewelry.  Cute kids stuff, printed bags and "Pip" brand items.

Brigitte von Boch
This stuff speaks for itself!

Didn't go in here, but looked quite classy from the outside... so many shops, so little time!

Cult at Home
Fun seasonal home stuff, couldn't pull any pics off their site...



Keep in mind that this is just a small sampling... there were tons of other places worth looking, and I either couldn't find their website, or dudn't write down their information.  And wandering down the little winding streets is so much fun... who knows, maybe you can even find time to see some of the "sights."

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