Friday, December 9, 2011

Celebrate with the German - American Institute of Nuremberg

Family Christmas Concert: „Stars, Bells & Cookies“

tl_files/dainbg/images/Fotos Programm/American_Christmas_11.12. Web.JPGThe story goes that one starry Christmas eve the German preacher, Martin Luther, while walking home, cut down a tree. He took it home and trimmed it with candles which stood for stars. Doing so he started the custom of trimming the Christmas trees. This custom Germans brought to America.
Enjoy an enchanting family afternoon with classical American tunes, lots of original cakes and candies.
Kids are very welcome!

Sonntag, 11.12.
Doors open: 16.00 Uhr
Concert: 17.00 Uhr
Epiphaniaskirche Nürnberg U/Maximilianstr.
Eintritt frei
dt./engl. Sprache

Monday, December 5, 2011

HENhaus Winter Quarterly Meeting - Mark Your Calendars!

Mark your calendars!  HENhaus is very excited to again announce that they will be welcoming Rebecca Weber as their guest speaker at our next quarterly meeting!  We enjoyed her discussion on German customs so much at the summer meeting that they thought they would invite her back to do it again!  HENhaus is announcing now, before the holiday rush so that you can get it on your calendar for January once the holiday season is over...

Click to Enlarge...

HENhaus Cordially Invites You to A Lecture on German Culture:
"Life in Germany How To Get Along with Your Neighbors and Avoid Offending your Waitress." Installment 2
With Rebecca K. Weber
Hosted by HENhaus
At Our Winter 2012 Quarterly Meeting
All are Welcome!
January 25th 10:00 – 12:00
Erlangen Begegnungszentrum – Raum 2 (Untergeschoss)
Fröbelstr. 6
91058 Erlangen
Toys and space for young children available.
Please RSVP to by 1/22

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

English Christmas Carol Services

Come sing English Christmas Carols with German and English speakers alike!  There are two opportunities that I know of this year...


The first is at the Hugenotten Church in Erlangen, which we also featured last year.  The Hugenotten Church (Hugenottenkirche) is located on the Hugenottenplatz, just opposite the train station and bus depot, as well as McDonald's.  It is Erlangen's oldest building, and was the first Huguenot church outside of France - a beautiful setting to sing Christmas Carols!

"A Service of Lessons and Carols for Christmas"

December 11th (3rd Sunday in Advent) at 6pm.
The service will be conducted by Prof. Alasdair Heron and wife, Rec. Helen Heron.  The service will be accompanied by the choir "Sing A-Moll," flutists Zsuzsa Csögör, Susanne Scheer und Regina Zipf and Walter Holweger on the organ.


The second is at the E.T.A. Hoffmann-Gymnasium in Bamberg, is hosted by the German-English Club of Bamberg and is recommended by our local English speaking Girl Scout troops who will also be participating.

A Festival of Lessons and Carols 
for Advent and Christmas 
Readings and Christmas Songs 
Groups of school children will also sing Christmas songs. 
Sherry and traditional mince pies to be served afterwards.

Sunday, 18th Dec (4th Sunday in Advent)
5 p.m.
Sternwartstraße 3
Parking available
on school grounds.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sing-along Concert - Benni and the Sunshine Boys

Come join Benni and the Sunshine Boys for a sing-and-dance-along concert this Sunday the 20th of November.  This Australian band frequently incorporates well known English songs into their act, and getting into the groove is fun for the whole family!

Time: 15:30  Location: Südpunkt Pillenreutherstr.147 90459 Nürnberg  Info: Tel.             0911-230690      

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping in Erlangen... Tis the Season!

Since I moved here over three years ago, the shopping in Erlangen has changed pretty dramatically.  I know that the Arcaden was still pretty new at that point, and I'm sure its presence has had an impact on what is available on the Hauptstrasse, and in other parts of Erlangen.  Getting into and out of Erlangen for shopping is easier for me than Nuremberg, but initially it felt like it was almost ALL chain stores, and that it was rather lacking in the "boutique" market.  But it has definitely been changing, as any of you who have been to Friedrichstrasse lately probably know (I'm not including any of those shops today, as I think they are mostly discovered, but if you haven't walked down there lately, go check it out, there are a few new places you might like)!

But last month my mother was visiting, and on a mission to find some new yarn and red corduroy for my daughter's Halloween costume I came across several new shops I had never found before, and so I figured I would share them all with you, too!


The first is called Bel Mondo and it is a gift shop similar to Casa Verde on Friedrichstr., but with a better assortment in their variety of wares.  It's just a couple blocks over on Universitätsstraße 11, just up from the Hugenottenplatz.

Their website didn't have very many pictures to choose from, and this strange little guy was my only choice, but take my word for it, they have lots of fun items for the home and to wear - definitely stop in and check it out!

The second shop is called Pillowfino and I was SO excited when I found it.  It is where the old Singer Sewing shop used to be, and if you used to buy fabric there, have no fear... Pillowfino has fabric, too!  Just a very updated approach to it!  They carry all kinds of different fabrics, in bright colors and lots of prints.  They also have tons of hard to find trims, and then a smaller selection of stuffed toys and other items aimed at children and children's decorating.

You can find Pillowfino at Universitätsstraße 3, just down from Bel Mondo!


Wollstübchen  is a wool shop on the other side of the Hauptstr., on the other end of town (towards the Berg).  It has very probably been there a really long time, and I have just never discovered it, because it is kind of tucked away in a rather obscure location.  But if you are a knitter or some other type of yarn-crafter, you will find it a really nice alternative to Sabine's Wollstudio on Friedrichstr.  Edith Humpert is the proprietor, she is very friendly and helpful, has a lovely assortment of trendy and contemporary yarns, and you can find her and her shop at Heuwaagstr. 18 (just south of the smaller Mueller on that end of the Hauptstr.).


Antikhaus Prahse is practically next door to the wool shop (Heuwaagstr. 10), and is worth a peek inside if you like restored antiques, particularly in a country (Landhausstil) or "chabby chic" style.  Lots of painted wood antiques and other curious and fun, found items, as well as a few artsy decorative pieces mixed in.  They will also restore any furniture you have that has been sitting in the basement waiting for a new life!

The last new shop we found on our jaunt through town was a children's boutique called Gecko Kinderboutique.  Their website says that they have been there since 2003, but it's out of the way enough that I had never found it before.  If you're in the market for some high-end children's clothing it is worth seeking out.  Styling is pretty typical German for children's clothing, but they have a good selection, and I think it is a great addition to what is available elsewhere in Erlangen. 


Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking for a Haunted... Castle?

Look no further!  It's a bit of a drive, but well worth it - at Frankenstein's Castle!  I went here as a kid, and still remember it well!  And I'm sure it's even better now!  Might be something to consider checking out if you have school age kids missing all the fun Halloween activities back in the states...

Here is the link to the English page.

They have a series of "Family Days" on Sundays, which are a bit tamer than other days...

Family days 2011
Sunday, Oktober 23rd from 2 PM to 6 PM
Sunday, Oktober 30th from 2 PM to 6 PM
Sunday, November 30th from 2 PM to 6 PM

you can read more about the Family Days here...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From the English Dramatic Society of Erlangen

The English Dramatic Society of Erlangen is looking for members and supporters.

Kirsten Henry of the EDS has asked us to pass on the attached flyers to our members and the following message:

Dear English native speakers,
The English Dramatic Society is the English theatre group of the Erlangen university language centre. We are a group of people, not only students, who love the theatre and the English language and bring this enthusiasm to the stage in our productions at the end of each semester in the university's own theatre. We do lots of Shakespeare plays as well as plays by modern British and American authors. Our play last semester was William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

At the beginning of each semester we're always looking for new people to join our group and take part in our production on as well as off stage. Whether you would like to participate as an actor or actress or help us behind the scenes with the sound, lighting, props or costumes, etc. we'd love to meet you at one of our introductory meetings on Wednesday 19.10.11 or Thursday, 20.10.11 at 8.30pm in room B 702, Philosophische Fakultät, Bismarckstr.1, Erlangen.
If you're interested in joining us, but unable to come on either of these dates, just send an Email to and I'll give you the dates for the next meetings.
For more information about the EDS visit our website at

Kind regards

Kirsten Henry

Director of the English Dramatic Society  

Message from Friends of the Library, Erlangen

Dear Friends

We hope you have been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.

As FOL,E we have just finished our first financial year, and what a year it was!
• We bought over 300 books for the library and
• held two events with English book readings (together with English Dramatic Society members)
• all with the money raised (well over 1000Euro) due largely to a generous donation from Moira Drexler, of Australiss, and of course – your membership fees!

Don’t forget our upcoming AGM (Annual General Meeting)
November 17th, 2011. Time: 19:00, Place: Bürgersaal in Erlangen Public Library.
Come to the meeting and find out more about our financial year and the books we bought.
Moreover, if you have any "Anträge" or matters that you want discussed and therefore included as a "Tagesordnungspunkt" please send them to in good time so that Uta can include them on the agenda. Otherwise we have to vote at the beginning on any items that you want discussed if they have not been included. (Paragraphs 8, 9, 11, 12 of our "Satzung" all deal with the "Mitgliederversammlung")
One of the points on the agenda will be "Neuwahlen": At our founding meeting we agreed that a new "Vorstand" would be voted for every year, to encourage more people to get involved. Perhaps YOU would like to become a member of the Vorstand or propose someone. Don't hesitate to ask any of the current Vorstand (Cate Türk - 2. Vorsitzende, Joan Fabry - Schriftführerin, Gisela Höppl - Schatzmeisterin, Uta Batteson-Morris - 1. Vorsitzende) about the "work" involved. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hairdresser Recommendations - Nuremberg, Erlangen and Herzogenaurach

Finally!  Months after seeking your input and getting the names of your favorite hairdressers... we are actually doing the post!

A HUGE thanks goes out to all of the ladies who have kindly shared the info for their favorite hairdressers.  I know what a struggle it can be to find a hairdresser in our own countries, let alone one where language adds another hurdle to the challenge!  (If your favorite isn't on here, please let us know so that we can add her to the list!)

Sonja Gremer
Salon Hairlicher
Frankenstr 75, 91088 Bubenreuth
- I can not remember who gave me this ladies card - but I know it was a really good recommendation!

Haar Leidenschaft by Mary
Bohlenplatz at:
Schuhstr. 1/ Obere Karlsrt.
91052 Erlangen
phone: 09131-4000 440
"The lady I go to is pretty good, I've been twice and loved the first cut and color and found the second satisfactory. Her name is Mary and her salon is called Haar Leidenschaft by Mary. She is in the city center near  Bohlenplatz."

Hair Lounge
103 Bucher Strasse
"Long Curly hair.. Karin can straighten, highlight, cut and color very well!"

Meisterwerk  (on the circle in downtown Herzo) across from the Bayerischerhof Restaurant.  
Phone number: 09132 72 08160
"She speaks in English and gives for the most part good cuts and from what I hear color.  She works part time and it can be difficult to get into her. Might be easier for those that are flexible during the day. "

Looking for a new Spielplatz? (Playground)

A friend of mine just sent me the link to this site... simply type in the postal code, and voila!  Presto - playgrounds in your area, with a description of what they offer and an "out of 5 stars" rating.  (Thanks Zoe!)

Happy Spielplatz Hunting!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Massage by Maggie

Feeling a little tired from toting the tots?  Need a pick-me up?  Or perhaps stumped on what to get for that special someone who has everything?

I had my first "Massage by Maggie" last week, and wanted to share her information with everyone here, because she did such a great job and I was soooo happy afterward!  Choosing a Masseuse can be intimidating in your own country, let alone in a foreign language; but Maggie is Canadian, so communication is easy, and she is sharing her talent and skill at massage right here in Erlangen, in a really central and "easy to get to / park at" location.  I think her rates are extremely reasonable, and affordable enough to make having a massage be something I could consider doing on a regular basis!  And Maggie is really friendly and laid-back, and ready to work her magic on your aching back!

She has several different options to chose from, as outlined on her site, ranging from 30 minutes for 30 Euros, to an hour for 50 Euros, to package deals like 5 thirty minute massages for 99 Euros or 5 hour long massages for 199 Euros.  More information can be found on her site, there should be something for everyone!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Restaurant recommendations...

from a HENhaus member... thanks Amanda!


Enoteca is a great little place in Schiffstrasse (near Theatreplatz) for wine and tapas!

Haru for Japanese food (in the city) Südliche Stadtmauerstraße 1, 91054 Erlangen Tel. 09131 - 530 14 60

Zen is not bad for Thai food (Theatreplatz)

Sur Mandir for Indian food (Lorlebergplatz) Luitpoldstr. 18 91054

Schlotfeger (steak) - (near the train station) Goethestr. 38, 91054 Erlangen

Ess Café (Italian) - near Rothelheim - mainly for lunch KONRAD-ZUSE-STRAßE 18

There is also a new Japanese restaurant which opened in Rothelheim, which is also very good. Can't remember the name but it is on Rothelheim Allee in the new shopping area.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Need a Couture Dirndl?

Picked up a free copy of Freundin in the Zuerich Airport, and they had this great editorial with super-fancy-schmancy dirndls... thought I would share....  just in time for Oktoberfest!

(click to enlarge...)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby and Kinder Basars - Is it really that time again?

It's Kinder and Babybasar time again...  for great deals on gently used kids clothes for Fall and Winter (think coats, mittens, hats as well as general school and play clothes,)  winter toys (sleds, bikes etc.) and more -- here are some links which may help you find some good ones.  You can also check your local Amtsblatt or paper for the ones nearest you...


The best collection of basars I have found in the Erlangen-Hochstadt area is in the free family magazine Fritzi - keep an eye out for their magazines at Doctor's offices, schools and the like, or you can download it.  But the latest issue is set to come out today, and I expect their list will be in there.  You can download it here (once it's out):

and here is a link to show you what the fall issue looks like so you can keep an eye out for it!:

******************************************************** (Also a very good list for the Erlangen area!) (Best for the N-berg, Fuerth area)

Monday, September 5, 2011

It’s back-to-school time in Germany!

My soon-to-start-school 6-year-old stopped in the middle of dinner and said dreamily, “I’m so excited about my Schultüte!”
If you haven’t experienced a „first day of school“ in Germany, you soon may be wondering what the large, colorful cone-shaped objects are that all the new first-graders are carrying with them as they begin their school adventure.  Well, they’re called Schultüten (school bags) or Zuckertüte (sugar bags) and basically they are…bribes.  For my first daughter (now 14), her Schultüte was the one and only reason she “agreed” to start school.  It is a literal cornucopia of delights – filled with small gifts and candies that the children get to carry with them throughout the first-day-of-school ceremonies and instruction.  After the first looong day ends at 10:30am (we’re in Germany, folks), the children get to open it – Christmas in September so to say.  And the excited tots are distracted for a while from the fact that homework will be a major part of their lives for the next decade or so. 


It seems that the Schultüte is such an exciting and valuable thing that many different cultures claim to have been the first to „invent“ it.  And, in fact, an object that can take kids’ minds off some of the less exciting facets of school-life is certainly more useful than the theory of relativity, even if the effects aren’t as long-lasting.  A little research shows that the Germans, Jews, and Arabs all claim responsibility for the Schultüte.  Most sources state that it first appeared in East Germany at the beginning of the 18th century.  The children were told that in the teacher’s house a “Schultüte tree” grew, and when the cones were big enough, it was time for school to begin.  However, it is also claimed that this tradition grew out of the Jewish custom of presenting the children with cookie-letters to symbolize that “God’s word in my mouth is sweeter than honey” (Psalm 119).  Not to be left out, another source claims that the tradition started 1400 years ago in the Arab regions where the little school-starters were given a bag of linen, hemp, or palm fibers filled with dates and other sweets. (Hmm…did they even have first-grade back then?  PTA’s?).  At any rate, the tradition spread to other parts of Germany by the 1900s and is now a cherished part of the first day of school.

Today’s Traditions

Traditionally, the godparents of the first-graders were responsible for presenting the child with the Schultüte and its contents.  Some still do this, although today it might be handmade by or with the parents, grandparents or children themselves at kindergarten and there is no strict “rule” about who provides the gifts inside, which include sweets, small gifts, or school supplies (but please don’t expect excited whoops if you include fruit and a bunch of erasers and glue!).  I made the Schultüte with my first daughter during a “group craft” event at the kindergarten, but my son’s aunt made it with him, and my current little Schulkind made it with her godmother in July.  The main idea is to spend time with someone beloved and to create a “cone of wonder” for the child to look forward to over the next 8 weeks or so until the start of school, when they get to be king or queen for the day (but don’t forget - smaller versions of the Schultüte can be bought for younger non-school-age siblings - unless you especially like the sound of screams and tears when the excitement passes them over).

The Schultüte craft in progress.

When my daughter is asked about school, she always brings up her Schultüte.  It definitely brings that extra sparkle to this special beginning.  Of course, it can backfire, as it did with my first child.  She was all smiles and joy, dressed up and shiny, sweet and obedient.  We attended the church service and but when it ended and the children were supposed to make their way to the school, my daughter said, “OK, I’m ready to open my Schultüte now.”  I said, “But honey, now you have to go to school, then you can open it.” Shocked, the smile left her face and she exclaimed, “I have to go WHERE?!!!” Evidently the excitement over the Schultüte completely obliterated the other facts. 
I have experienced German first-day-of-school traditions with three children now, and have one to go.  September brings up many bittersweet memories for us all, and wonderful German traditions such as the Schultüte and an after-school lunch, coffee and cake with friends and family have always provided an additional thrill to the day. 

A huge thanks to Rebbeca for writing this for us! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Crossing" Art Gallery Finissage / Closing this Thursday

If you haven't made it out to see this collection of works by international ladies in our area, don't miss the closing this Thursday!  The opening was a great success and I expect the closing will be another opportunity to meet lots of international artists in our area, or just enjoy the fleeting wisps of summer with friends!


Finissage/Closing: Thursday, 1. 9 @7pm
Free Entry

Paths cross and bring people and ideas together. !is summer the “Crossing“ will be at the
Galerie Treppenhaus; different nationalities, artistic directions and expressions synergizing.
Enjoy an evening with a glass of prosecco, fingerfood and live music on the terrace, while viewing the striking
art of our fellow IWG members. We invite you to enter our journey
and share in our inspiration.

Calie Amini - USA
Heather Janel Denny - USA
Jeanette Edelmann - Sri Lanka
Jacqueline Eviston-Putsch - Germany
Victoria Eviston-Putsch - Germany
Demet Gürel-Freiburg - Turkey
Karin Hesse - Germany
Stacey Lebitz - USA
Tiina Kivikas - Estonia
Blanca Meléndez - Costa Rica
Teresa Londono-Brunner - Colombia
Mia van der Heijden - Netherlands
Lotta Valdmaa - Sweden
Misook Winter - Korea

Galerie Treppenhaus
Henkestr. 91, Erlangen

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HENhaus Announces Fall Meeting

The HENhaus ( fall meeting will take place September 28th, at 10:00.

Location: Erlangen Begegnungzentrum
Erlangen Begegnungszentrum – Raum 2 (Untergeschoss)
Fröbelstr. 6
91058 Erlangen

Volunteers will be discussing the group organization, including the Mission Statement and the Articles of Association; as well as reviewing open positions and accepting nominations for next year.

If you have been interested in volunteering here in Germany, getting to know your fellow expats better or you just need something to do on a Wednesday morning, please plan on attending!

Toys and space for young children available.
Please RSVP to by 9/25

Museums not to be missed from Expatica...

Expatica's selection of top museums in Berlin, Frankfurt, Weimar, Munich, Leipzig and Fussen, which reflect Germany's rich culture and history, should be on the visiting list for all expats in Germany.

Click the link to visit their article!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Are you a young, 20 or 30 something expat, looking for social opportunities geared towards women your age? 

Many existing women’s expat groups are currently targeted towards a slightly older demographic and women with children. As businesses continue to expand internationally, a larger group of young professionals find themselves moving abroad. CHICKhaus is a social group for women living in the Herzo, Erlangen and Nuremberg area, geared towards connecting younger expat women as a means to rebuild their social circles here in Germany. 

The women that make up CHICKhaus include 20 & 30 something expat women and wives, looking for women with common interests and experiences. Thus far, CHICKhaus events include a monthly Dinner Club, monthly Happy Hours, bi-monthly book club as well as monthly day trips to explore the area. Because CHICKhaus is just getting started, suggestions and new event ideas are always welcome.

For More information, “Like” CHICKhaus on Facebook  AND join the CHICKhaus Facebook Group for specific event information. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come join us at our next event!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things to do with the kids in August!

A BIG thanks to Michelle for putting this together for us!


1) In Herzo, throughout the school summer holidays, is the "Spielmobil".
I've never been, but I've heard it is like a travelling set of activities
for children to do. It stops at various points in Herzo (mainly on the
playgrounds), and stays for 2 days. I have heard that on the 1st day of
being in a new place, it is more geared towards younger children (by that I
mean 2-3 years plus). I think it is otherwise geared towards school
children (although anyone can just turn up). It is free of charge (I
think). You can find out where it will be on the Herzo homepage There are pictures there too. This week it
is on the playground at the Herzo Base on Thursday and Friday. This means
that Thursday will be the day geared towards younger children. It is open
all day.

2) Every Tuesday at 16:00 in the Erlangen library is a book reading for
children. This will be in German. A great way for kids to learn!!! Free of

3) Friday 5th August at 16:00 is a theatre piece in Erlangen - Die kleine
. It says for children 4 years plus. Here is the link for more
information. It is in German. Cost - 3 euros

4) Friday 11th August at 16:00 is a Clown Show in Erlangen. It says for
children 4 years plus. Here is the link for more information. It is in
German. Cost - 3 euros

5) Friday 19th August at 16:00 is a magic show in Erlangen. It says for
children 3years plus. Here is the link for more information. It is in
German. Cost - 3 euros

6) Sunday 28 August at 15:00 is a summer party at E-werk in Erlangen. I
think it is geared towards school children, but I have often been to these
kinds of things with my daughter (age 3) and she had a great time. Not
really suitable for babies.

7) Sunday 11th September. I have heard that the annual Herbstfest at
Abokiste in Hemhofen
will take place on this day. We went last year and it
was great. Look out for signs, or google it nearer the date.

8) 17-18 September is the Fränkisches Freilands Museum Festival. It a nice
place - it is an outdoor museum showing Franconia in olden times. At the
festival there should be 'Handwerkers' there - e.g. basket weavers, weavers,
beer making, rope making, barrel making etc. etc. Here is the link:

9) Sunday 25th September is the Fire Brigade's open day in Erlangen.
Paul-Gossen Strasse I think. I know this will be the highlight in my son's

10) Sunday 25th September is also a Family Festival at E-werk in Erlangen.

11) There are 2 lakes near Nuremberg - Brombachsee (sometimes known as
Brombach Speicher, which means reservoir) and Rothsee. Both are big lakes,
which you can swim in. They are lovely, and well worth a day trip on a hot
day. My favourite town on the Brombachsee is Altmansdorf, favourite on
Rothsee is Heuberg and the town Hilpoltstein is also nice. There is another
lake - Kleiner Brombachsee - but this is closed for swimming in the summer
(due to blue algae). There is a great campsite at Pleinfeld on the
Brombachsee if any of you are campers (we are!!).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding Maternity Clothes in Germany (Umstandsmode)

As some of you may know I have recently come into the condition necessitating this endeavor.  My pregnancy book tells me that "what you wear" while you are pregnant should be one of the fun things of pregnancy, and the clothes you select should be a reflection of "you."  Apparently they never tried finding maternity clothes in Germany!!!  Or at least, I have definitely found it to be a challenge, and since this is my second, my "bump" is already crying out for stretchy waistbands...

There are only two places I have found where you can actually go into the store, browse through the racks, and actually try anything on... these are:

H&M - good for basics, tees and perhaps jeans - if you can find them in your size.  They call their line "Mama" and it usually has its own section of the floor near the plus sizes.  My experience has been that everything is pretty picked over, and the sizes are pretty limited to the high end of the range.  I also haven't found any pants which have the smaller waistband, only the kind that is designed to pull up over a large belly.  Quality is typical H&M, but the styles tend to be on the more conservative side of their assortment, and I usually prefer their trendy stuff.  H&M does not have their full assortment online, and unfortunately maternity clothes are not there at all - or at least as far as I have been able to find anyway.  So even if you do find the perfect pair of jeans, don't expect to order them online if you can't find your size!

C&A - Also a rather disappointing experience in my book - but again, at least you can try things on!  Prices are good and the quality reflects that.  The racks are usually a royal mess, and enough for me to turn on my heel and walk away...  but never hurts to look!

Online however is a different story... of course it's not quite as nice to have to guess your size when it is practically changing daily, but worth it for some of what I found on these sites... - my absolute favorite so far.  Cute stuff, moderate prices (don't forget to convert the Pounds to Euros or Dollars) and they offer free worldwide shipping on orders over 75 Pounds.  I was tempted to put in an order today, but I'm on a "cease and desist spending" order... and I'm willing to wait and see what cute fall stuff they have! (go through to their Deutschland site) - oddly enough, they only had one item, these pair of jeans, and they were on sale, so I bought them.  They have the big belly band, but are great quality and super cute.  Shipping was cheap, and you can also opt to have them delivered to the store for free, and they also accept returns at the store. To find them I typed "maternity" into their search box... so not sure if they only carry jeans, or maybe they are phasing in or out maternity wear, I don't know!  But worth checking if you like Zara like I do! - I've listed this site before as a great place to get kids clothes, and their maternity clothing selection is pretty good, too.  Shipping is only 2.95, and they let you place your order and pay the bill once the goods arrive.  SO if you don't like the item you can always opt to send them back.  Prices are good, but will have to wit until my order arrive to report on quality!

Since I haven't actually ordered from the rest, I won't go into detail on what they offer, but here are all of the other sites that I found - and as always if you know of any others, please let me know so that I can share! - Under "Damen" select "Umstandsmode" - Under "Damen" select "Mode fur Schwangere" - Under "Mode fur Mama und Kind" select "Umstandsmode" - Under "Mama" select "Umstandsmode" - All maternity, geared towards dressy occasions like weddings, etc. - higher price point, but sale stuff is great prices and looks worth it! - Click "Umstandsmode" - Under "Mama & Baby" select "Umstandsmode" - really great brands like Mamalicious, Queen Mum, etc. all at outlet prices.  Dutch website, but ships to Germany for 5.95. - same great brands as above, but the newest season, and full price.  Also a Dutch website, but ships to Germany.

And last but not least - don't forget to get creative with regular sized clothing while you can!  Try getting one size up, or stretch fabrics, or a short, baby-doll or empire waist-ed dress could become a cute top for wearing with jeans!  Or throw a pair of leggings on under that tunic you just found.  Pick up a non-maternity cardigan or jacket to throw over your new favorite pregnancy tee... nobody said you have to button it!  Good luck!