Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cooped Up Kids Driving You Nuts???

A few activities a friend brought my attention to...  thanks Michelle!

Friday 11. Feb, 3.30pm in 'Die Scheune' (Odenwaldallee, Buechenbach) is a Kinderlieder Konzert. Although the dialogue is in German, the songs are in English. It is a story about a journey through Australia (maybe the people doing it are Ozzie's, I dont know). The link to the site is http://www.kinderliederzeit.de/. Tickets are 4 euros I think.

Friday 18. Feb, 19.00-21.00 is an event called Flying Superkids, check out the website http://www.flyingsuperkids.com/. You can order tickets from the Sparkasse (14 euros for adults, 11 for children, cheaper if you have a KNAX card).

Saturday 26. Feb is a Fasching Party in the TVE Jahnhalle in Alterlangen (near the Wasserturm Florist, and Jacques Wine Store). I think it is 15.00-18.00. We went last year and it is great fun. All the kids are dressed in costume, many of the adults too, and there's dancing, games, sweets to collect etc. It's all very cheesy but isn't that what Fasching is all about?!!! Tickets are 4 euros.

There is also a Fasching party on Sunday 20. Feb at 13.30 in the Frankenhof/Frankenhallebad. Tickets also 4 euros. Definitely more crowded and a bit manic!
For other Fasching Parties - check you local Amtsblatt, most towns host them at their local recreation center!

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