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More Day Trips!

OK - so don't overlook these sunny, winter days as an opportunity to get out and see some more of Franconia, and the surrounding area...  it may be cold, but often it affords you to see places without the hordes of tourists you'll encounter in summer!  Or start planning your weekends for the Spring!

Here are some places (and their accompanying description) that I found in Frommer's Germany's Best Loved Driving Tours in the section on Nürnberg and the surrounding area...  some of these are quite close together, so you might even want to combine a few of them into one day's journey!

Altdorf - 27 km south of N-berg, Altdorf is an historic town with 15th century gates, city walls and Burghers' houses.

Amberg - 64 km east of N-berg, "Fortunate Amberg" has almost totally preserved its medieval appearance.  The town has an imposing circle of city walls with four gates, numerous towers and other fortifications.  One part of the former line of defence crosses the river Vils in the form of two arches above the water, whose reflection in the water led to the nickname "Stadtbrille" or 'City Glasses,' because of their appearance as spectacles.

Weiden - 113 km NEE of N-berg, lies on a major crossraods between, Regensburg, Leipzig, N-berg and Prague.  Be sure to see the original gothic parish church of St. Micheal, with its onion shaped spire; and the Rathaus with Burghers' houses from the 16th and 17th centuries.  It is also an excellent base to explore the surrounding Wald, where some areas are still almost completely untouched.

Vohenstrauss - 113 km NEE of N-berg, this town's main attraction is Castle Friedrichsburg. Six massive towers surround the building with a very high gabled roof, and a wall surroinding the castle yard.  It is a beautiful Rennaisance building, unique in design.  Short detours (7 km SW) to Fortress Leuchtenberg, and (8 km NE) to Fahrenberg mountain afford fine views to the Fichtel mountain range and the Bohemian forest.

Kallmünz - 86 km SE of N-berg, a picturesque medieval town, where a good view from the river Naab can be had of the Rococo parish church of St. Micheal, and the ruins of the fortress of Kallmünz in the background.  Apparently delightful for photographers and painters alike.

Kipfenberg - 67 km SE of N-berg, Kipfenberg is a romantic little town with its proud Burg standing on a hill.  The present fortress was built in the 13th and 14th centuries, but fell into decay, and was restored in the early 20th century.  Remains of the Limes, walls protecting the Roman Empire from northern invaders are nearby also.

Eichstätt - 80 km S of N-berg, is dominated by the imposing Willibaldsburg, which dates from the 14th century and was fortified and extended in later centuries into a fine castle.  Also to see - baroque town center, former Bishop's palace, remains of the 8th century cathedral, and the "new" one built over 4 centuries, and the English style gardens of the summer residence of the Prince-Bishops.

Weissenburg - 57 km south of N-berg, the old city walls have remained, and the Ellinger Tor and the Spitaltor survive as formidable entrances to the town.  Thermal springs were enjoyed by the Romans and the layout of their baths was discovered here in the 70's.  The Rathaus and it's richly decorated 15th century gable is notable as well.

Ellingen - 53 km S of N-berg (and minutes from Weissenburg,) the castle of Ellingen is a huge baroque creation, built for the Teutonic Order of Knights, and is one of the most important castles, among many, built for this order.  Napoleon banned the order in 1809, and the building survives now as a museum.

Abenberg - 32 km SW of N-berg (and 40 km from Ellingen,) is a beautiful old town with a walled fortress.  The fortress is first mentioned in 1071, but the present building dates from 1250.  Don't miss the Rennaisance and Baroque church, with its 68 buried nuns, arranged as the catacombs in Rome, and gravestone of Countess Stilla.  Abenberg was also the traditional center for the manufacture of lace tassles, and has a museum dedicated to the craft.

Roth - 30 km S of N-berg, pleasantly situated on the river Regnitz, among green parkland, George the Pious had the Schloss built in the 16th century.  A visit to the Prunksaal, a lavishly appointed banqueting hall and part of the Heimatmuseum is recommended.  The Riffel-macherhaus on the market square, with its superb, carved facade, belongs to one of the areas finest timber-framed houses.

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