Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Volunteer Opportunity!!!

Need to practice your English???   :)

The Realschule (RS) Herzogenaurach are again conducting their English Speaking Test "practice trials" at the end of March to prepare the kids for their final before the Easter holidays.  They are seeking English speaking volunteers to help in these sessions.

Due to the positive response from the kids and success of last year’s sessions, where many IWG ladies volunteered, the organiser/ teachers have now (5) Grade-10 classes to organise. They are, as such, hoping for a greater pool of volunteers to help conduct these Trials. The Principal has set aside 3 days and allocated rooms for these sessions.

March 29th (Tuesday), 30th (Wednesday) & 31st (Thursday) with 2 sessions of about 3 hours each per day.

If you are able and interested, please contact Ms. Charlotte Meyer of the RS Herzo :- MEC@rsherzo.de or Raji Singam:- raji.singam@expertinterlink.com

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