Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friends of Erlangen Library - Walk and Book Drive! Sunday!

This Sunday (the 6th)the Friends of Erlangen Library members are planning a 'book raising' event to acquire English language children's books for the Erlangen library. The aim of this charity is to create a well stocked English section in the city library in Erlangento benefit all of us. To this end, they have arranged a good Sunday morning walk for adults and kids. The 'price' of entry is to bring along five English books per family. (A small cash donation will suffice in lieu of five books, should your own book collection necessitate a good library stock....)

Please come out for this good cause, enjoy the weather and maybe meet some new faces!
The plan is to meet in the car-park in Atzelsberg beergarden at 10 00 and set off on the circular route which is highlighted in the attached photo from google maps. It should take between 90 minutes and 120 minutes and practically all of it is off road on cross-country paths. A good pair of walking shoes for adults and children is advisable as is a camera. On this walk you should see various wildlife including deer and hares in the woods, a horse farm, the smallest church in Franconia (and lets face it, there is some tough competition for that title) and the 'lake' in the quarry behind Marloffstein which is quite famous for its fossils . There are a few areas to stop along the way so maybe a flask of hot beverages would be a good idea. Afterwards we have reserved a room in Atzelsbergs for lunch which should start at approximately 11.30 to 12.00ish If the weather is anyway sunny - as I expect it to be - it is possible to sit outside in their grounds. This is a Nintendo-free walk!

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