Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Splurge on bags and shoes... and other fun stuff.

Just found this shop today in Nuermberg, which I must have walked past 100 times before... my eye caught these adorable shoes in the window, and voila!  new shop I love, and must post about!  Granted the price point was in the "splurge" category (for me anyway) but everybody gets a splurge every now and then, right?  And so much fun to look.  They have 2 "shops" in the same location; one with only shoes, and the other with handbags and other fun, funky trinkets and accessories.

Castros Bags & Lifestyle - faces Konigstr. just across the bridge from the Hauptmarkt.

I'm thinking they must have hired a new buyer since they took these pictures, because the shop has a totally different look and feel now.  Still lots of bags, but trendier ones, and lots more funky bits and bobs (change purses, baby shoes, plastic toys, notebooks, postcards, etc. lots of fun stuff!)  There seem to be more tables now, and they were just chock full of assorted eye candy.

The shoe store is through the passage on the river side of the building.  Prices start around 100 Euros.  Mens and womens.

KÖNIGSTRASSE 1 - 90402 NÜRNBERG - TEL + 49 (0) 911 20 47 35
MO TO FR: 10-19  AND SA: 10-18

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