Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Things to Do this Easter Weekend... (Or Coming Up Soon)

Thanks to the Easy Entry team for sharing their outstanding newsletter of events!

1000 Easter Eggs  
The „Pfalzmuseum” in Forchheim presents a lovely exhibition with over 1000 
Easter eggs from all over the world. Get all the necessary information here: 
Where: Pfalzmuseum Forchheim, Kapellenstr. 16; When: till May 1st

Easter Events at the Franconian Freilandmuseum Open Air Museum 
On the grounds of this museum, more than 100 houses have been rebuilt from different regions of Franconia (historical farms, guest houses, a mill, a 
brewery, a little castle etc.) Their different seasonal events, between March and 
December, are really worth seeing and their Easter program/exhibition is lovely.  Learn how to colour eggs with natural colours like walnut and onion shells or find 
one or more of the 1000 hidden Easter eggs.  Easter Egg hunt will be Easter Sunday from 9am till 1pm, children to age 10. The Easter highlight, however, is the Passion Play, a 
spiritual drama about the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Find their complete program under Where: Fränkisches 
Freilandmuseum, Eisweiherweg 1, Bad Windsheim, phone: 09841-668040; When: 
Good Friday, April 22nd, 2p (Passion Play)

Internationales Figurentheater Erlangen, Fürth, Nürnberg, 
One of the most important and popular art events in our region ever second year is 
the international puppet theater. This year with 55 groups from 15 different count r i e s .   F o r   a   c o m p l e t e   p r o g r am   a n d   d i f f e r e n t   l o c a t i o n s   v i s i t If you are interested, get your tickets as soon as 
possible online. When: May 13th-22nd 

An Extraordinary Art Exhibition 
The French artist Mathilde Rosier turned the complete art museum “Kunst Palais” 
in Erlangen into a “walk-in fairy tale” with her exhibition “Rite de passage”. Mysterious objects, installations, costumes and pictures are there to show human wishes 
and desires.  Where: Kunst Palais, 
Erlangen, Marktplatz 1; When: till June 12th open Tue-Sun 10am-6pm, Wed 10am-

Baseball in the Nürnberg region (Say What???)
Baseball season starts again in Franconia. Although baseball isn’t very populair in Germany, there are a few regional teams, like e.g. the “Noris Diamonds”, founded in 2004. Their next home tournamentare on the 1st of May 
against Regensburg and 14th of May against Ingolstadt, both games at 2pm. 
The court is at Germersheimer Straße 118, 90469 Nürnberg. For more information, look at the schedule: Another important team are the “Fürth Pirates”. Their founders met 
on the soldier’s field, to play baseball together, before they decided to have 
their own baseball-club in 1989 and made it officially in 1994. Their next home 
tournaments are on the 7th of May at 11am against the “Kronach Royals” and 
on the 8th of May at 1pm against the “Baldham Boars”. The court is at Würzburger Straße 700, 90768 Fürth. For the following dates and more information, go on the official homepage:
veranstaltungen--events.php. You can find other regional teams here: 


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