Sunday, May 15, 2011

Check us out in the new issue of Fritzi Magazine!!!

The newest issue of the bi-monthly magazine "Fritzi" is out, and features an article on expat living in our area. This article includes commentary from an interview with me, and details on the "Expat living in Germany" blog as well as the HENhaus organization!  The lady that is running this magazine is doing an incredible job, and the distribution is really great, so hopefully it will help increase our own readership!  It seems like every place I went in March, had a stack - and she is really the most comprehensive listing of family activities in the Erlangen - Hoechstadt a.d. A. and Nuremberg areas....

To see the images closer up, just click on them!

This is the German version...

And the English version!  The magazine is normally all German, so this is really a special feature!

To find the magazine, simply look in your local Apotheke, Kindergarten, Doctor's Office, etc.  They are everywhere.  She also has a website - with lots of great information and you can download a copy of every issue (although this one isn't available yet, I believe it will be soon!)  To download, click: 

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