Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Medieval Festival - Weisendorf-Buch Saturday

This weekend Saturday 14th May, there is a medieval, family festival in Weisendorf-Buch.  (To find on Google type in Buch, 91085 postal code - it is just south of Weisendorf and north of Herzogenaurach.)  Here is the weblink:
For those who dont speak great German, here is a rough translation:
Invitiation to our family festival.  Organised by kindergartens and the pre-school,
Our big medieval spectacular
from 2pm - 5pm
Please bring your own cutlery and plates, cups etc.
Come with us on a journey to medieval times.  We're inviting everyone.  We start at 2pm at Dorfspielplatz am Waldesrand  
(follow the crowds, it's a small village) with a performance by the school children.  Then, at 2.30pm, the festival begins.  There is food and drink, and lots of activities for kids such as:
craft -making shields 
magic mirrors
an assault course
a treasure hunt
skill games
making badges or buttons (not sure)
This a family oriented event, aimed at kindergarten kids and upwards, as it is organised by a kindergarten.

If you live in the area, ride your bike!

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