Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crossing - IWG Art Exhibition Opening this Thursday


An Art Exhibition at the Gallery Treppenhaus featuring Artists from the International Women’s Group

Painting, Photography, Installation, Sculpture, Textile, Film - From 7. 7 - 9. 9 2011

Vernissage/Opening: Thursday, 7. 7 @7pm
Speakers: Gabriella Heija, Management Gallery Treppenhaus
Linda M. Eviston, IWG President
Musical entertainment by IWG members
Finissage/Closing: Thursday, 1. 9 @7pm
Free Entry

Paths cross and bring people and ideas together. This summer the “Crossing“ will be at the
Galerie Treppenhaus; different nationalities, artistic directions and expressions synergizing.
Enjoy an evening with a glass of prosecco, fingerfood and live music on the terrace, while viewing the striking art of our fellow IWG members. We invite you to enter our journey
and share in our inspiration.

Calie Amini - USA
Heather Janel Denny - USA
Jeanette Edelmann - Sri Lanka
Jacqueline Eviston-Putsch - Germany
Victoria Eviston-Putsch - Germany
Demet Gürel-Freiburg - Turkey
Karin Hesse - Germany
Stacey Lebitz - USA
Tiina Kivikas - Estonia
Blanca Meléndez - Costa Rica
Teresa Londono-Brunner - Colombia
Mia van der Heijden - Netherlands
Lotta Valdmaa - Sweden
Misook Winter - Korea

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