Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Finding Baby items - Plus!

A huge thanks to HENhaus member Anna for putting this together for all you "Moms" and "Mums" out there...  I believe we had BabyWalz on our shopping page, but the other ones are at least new locations to me, if not totally new stores, especially the second hand places!  On another note - I recently re-visited Kinderland Rofu in Fuerth again, and they have moved to a new space in the same shopping center, and teh store is as great as ever.  Fabulous location for toys, birthday party accessories, craft items, and they even have a decent selection of baby items!  Happy Shopping!

Having a baby while living in Germany or already have children and trying to figure out where to shop for various items? Here’s a list (straight from local German mom) of all the best stores with the largest selection to buy children’s items. This list comes with the caveat that most everything is more expensive here (as compared to US prices), but you can find most items you need.

Where to find new items such as strollers, bedding, car seats, baby carriers, and all the basics--these stores also offer furniture if you are looking for options other than IKEA

BabyWalz (Downtown Nuremberg—near Jack Wolfskin store)—the staff here was incredibly helpful, it’s a smaller store than I thought…no furniture on display, but they have a catalog if you’re in the market for cribs, changing tables, etc.
Vordere Ledergasse 16-20, 90403 Nuremberg

Baby-One Babyfachmarkt (there are a number of Baby-one stores in the area, however this is the biggest one with the largest selection)
Ostendstrasse 115, 90482 Nuremberg

My Toys (Downtown Nuremberg)—great for toys and other fun stuff
Breite Gasse 5, 90402 Nuremberg

Second hand stores with a decent selection:
KINDERREICH- Nuremberg (very nice)
Innerer Kleinreuther Weg 24-26, 90408 Nuremberg

Latzhose & Co.
Gebersdorferstrasse 126, Nuremberg

Daily need items such as Diapers, etc:
DM Drogeriemarkt
Grocery stores

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