Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding Maternity Clothes in Germany (Umstandsmode)

As some of you may know I have recently come into the condition necessitating this endeavor.  My pregnancy book tells me that "what you wear" while you are pregnant should be one of the fun things of pregnancy, and the clothes you select should be a reflection of "you."  Apparently they never tried finding maternity clothes in Germany!!!  Or at least, I have definitely found it to be a challenge, and since this is my second, my "bump" is already crying out for stretchy waistbands...

There are only two places I have found where you can actually go into the store, browse through the racks, and actually try anything on... these are:

H&M - good for basics, tees and perhaps jeans - if you can find them in your size.  They call their line "Mama" and it usually has its own section of the floor near the plus sizes.  My experience has been that everything is pretty picked over, and the sizes are pretty limited to the high end of the range.  I also haven't found any pants which have the smaller waistband, only the kind that is designed to pull up over a large belly.  Quality is typical H&M, but the styles tend to be on the more conservative side of their assortment, and I usually prefer their trendy stuff.  H&M does not have their full assortment online, and unfortunately maternity clothes are not there at all - or at least as far as I have been able to find anyway.  So even if you do find the perfect pair of jeans, don't expect to order them online if you can't find your size!

C&A - Also a rather disappointing experience in my book - but again, at least you can try things on!  Prices are good and the quality reflects that.  The racks are usually a royal mess, and enough for me to turn on my heel and walk away...  but never hurts to look!

Online however is a different story... of course it's not quite as nice to have to guess your size when it is practically changing daily, but worth it for some of what I found on these sites...

www.topshop.com - my absolute favorite so far.  Cute stuff, moderate prices (don't forget to convert the Pounds to Euros or Dollars) and they offer free worldwide shipping on orders over 75 Pounds.  I was tempted to put in an order today, but I'm on a "cease and desist spending" order... and I'm willing to wait and see what cute fall stuff they have!

www.zara.com (go through to their Deutschland site) - oddly enough, they only had one item, these pair of jeans, and they were on sale, so I bought them.  They have the big belly band, but are great quality and super cute.  Shipping was cheap, and you can also opt to have them delivered to the store for free, and they also accept returns at the store. To find them I typed "maternity" into their search box... so not sure if they only carry jeans, or maybe they are phasing in or out maternity wear, I don't know!  But worth checking if you like Zara like I do!

www.vertbaudet.de - I've listed this site before as a great place to get kids clothes, and their maternity clothing selection is pretty good, too.  Shipping is only 2.95, and they let you place your order and pay the bill once the goods arrive.  SO if you don't like the item you can always opt to send them back.  Prices are good, but will have to wit until my order arrive to report on quality!

Since I haven't actually ordered from the rest, I won't go into detail on what they offer, but here are all of the other sites that I found - and as always if you know of any others, please let me know so that I can share!

www.bodendirect.de - Under "Damen" select "Umstandsmode"
www.3suisses.de - Under "Damen" select "Mode fur Schwangere"
www.baby-walz.de - Under "Mode fur Mama und Kind" select "Umstandsmode"
www.mamarella.com - Under "Mama" select "Umstandsmode"
www.mia-nana.de - All maternity, geared towards dressy occasions like weddings, etc.
www.umstandsmode.de - higher price point, but sale stuff is great prices and looks worth it!
www.bellybutton.de - Click "Umstandsmode"
www.laredoute.de - Under "Mama & Baby" select "Umstandsmode"
www.positie-outlet.nl - really great brands like Mamalicious, Queen Mum, etc. all at outlet prices.  Dutch website, but ships to Germany for 5.95.
www.noppies.com - same great brands as above, but the newest season, and full price.  Also a Dutch website, but ships to Germany.

And last but not least - don't forget to get creative with regular sized clothing while you can!  Try getting one size up, or stretch fabrics, or a short, baby-doll or empire waist-ed dress could become a cute top for wearing with jeans!  Or throw a pair of leggings on under that tunic you just found.  Pick up a non-maternity cardigan or jacket to throw over your new favorite pregnancy tee... nobody said you have to button it!  Good luck!


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