Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Crossing" Art Gallery Finissage / Closing this Thursday

If you haven't made it out to see this collection of works by international ladies in our area, don't miss the closing this Thursday!  The opening was a great success and I expect the closing will be another opportunity to meet lots of international artists in our area, or just enjoy the fleeting wisps of summer with friends!


Finissage/Closing: Thursday, 1. 9 @7pm
Free Entry

Paths cross and bring people and ideas together. !is summer the “Crossing“ will be at the
Galerie Treppenhaus; different nationalities, artistic directions and expressions synergizing.
Enjoy an evening with a glass of prosecco, fingerfood and live music on the terrace, while viewing the striking
art of our fellow IWG members. We invite you to enter our journey
and share in our inspiration.

Calie Amini - USA
Heather Janel Denny - USA
Jeanette Edelmann - Sri Lanka
Jacqueline Eviston-Putsch - Germany
Victoria Eviston-Putsch - Germany
Demet Gürel-Freiburg - Turkey
Karin Hesse - Germany
Stacey Lebitz - USA
Tiina Kivikas - Estonia
Blanca Meléndez - Costa Rica
Teresa Londono-Brunner - Colombia
Mia van der Heijden - Netherlands
Lotta Valdmaa - Sweden
Misook Winter - Korea

Galerie Treppenhaus
Henkestr. 91, Erlangen

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HENhaus Announces Fall Meeting

The HENhaus ( www.henhaus.org) fall meeting will take place September 28th, at 10:00.

Location: Erlangen Begegnungzentrum
Erlangen Begegnungszentrum – Raum 2 (Untergeschoss)
Fröbelstr. 6
91058 Erlangen

Volunteers will be discussing the group organization, including the Mission Statement and the Articles of Association; as well as reviewing open positions and accepting nominations for next year.

If you have been interested in volunteering here in Germany, getting to know your fellow expats better or you just need something to do on a Wednesday morning, please plan on attending!

Toys and space for young children available.
Please RSVP to henhausnewcomer@gmail.com by 9/25

Museums not to be missed from Expatica...

Expatica's selection of top museums in Berlin, Frankfurt, Weimar, Munich, Leipzig and Fussen, which reflect Germany's rich culture and history, should be on the visiting list for all expats in Germany.

Click the link to visit their article!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Are you a young, 20 or 30 something expat, looking for social opportunities geared towards women your age? 

Many existing women’s expat groups are currently targeted towards a slightly older demographic and women with children. As businesses continue to expand internationally, a larger group of young professionals find themselves moving abroad. CHICKhaus is a social group for women living in the Herzo, Erlangen and Nuremberg area, geared towards connecting younger expat women as a means to rebuild their social circles here in Germany. 

The women that make up CHICKhaus include 20 & 30 something expat women and wives, looking for women with common interests and experiences. Thus far, CHICKhaus events include a monthly Dinner Club, monthly Happy Hours, bi-monthly book club as well as monthly day trips to explore the area. Because CHICKhaus is just getting started, suggestions and new event ideas are always welcome.

For More information, “Like” CHICKhaus on Facebook  AND join the CHICKhaus Facebook Group for specific event information. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, come join us at our next event!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Things to do with the kids in August!

A BIG thanks to Michelle for putting this together for us!


1) In Herzo, throughout the school summer holidays, is the "Spielmobil".
I've never been, but I've heard it is like a travelling set of activities
for children to do. It stops at various points in Herzo (mainly on the
playgrounds), and stays for 2 days. I have heard that on the 1st day of
being in a new place, it is more geared towards younger children (by that I
mean 2-3 years plus). I think it is otherwise geared towards school
children (although anyone can just turn up). It is free of charge (I
think). You can find out where it will be on the Herzo homepage
http://www.herzogenaurach.de/. There are pictures there too. This week it
is on the playground at the Herzo Base on Thursday and Friday. This means
that Thursday will be the day geared towards younger children. It is open
all day.

2) Every Tuesday at 16:00 in the Erlangen library is a book reading for
children. This will be in German. A great way for kids to learn!!! Free of

3) Friday 5th August at 16:00 is a theatre piece in Erlangen - Die kleine
. It says for children 4 years plus. Here is the link for more
information. It is in German. Cost - 3 euros

4) Friday 11th August at 16:00 is a Clown Show in Erlangen. It says for
children 4 years plus. Here is the link for more information. It is in
German. Cost - 3 euros

5) Friday 19th August at 16:00 is a magic show in Erlangen. It says for
children 3years plus. Here is the link for more information. It is in
German. Cost - 3 euros

6) Sunday 28 August at 15:00 is a summer party at E-werk in Erlangen. I
think it is geared towards school children, but I have often been to these
kinds of things with my daughter (age 3) and she had a great time. Not
really suitable for babies.

7) Sunday 11th September. I have heard that the annual Herbstfest at
Abokiste in Hemhofen
will take place on this day. We went last year and it
was great. Look out for signs, or google it nearer the date.

8) 17-18 September is the Fränkisches Freilands Museum Festival. It a nice
place - it is an outdoor museum showing Franconia in olden times. At the
festival there should be 'Handwerkers' there - e.g. basket weavers, weavers,
beer making, rope making, barrel making etc. etc. Here is the link:

9) Sunday 25th September is the Fire Brigade's open day in Erlangen.
Paul-Gossen Strasse I think. I know this will be the highlight in my son's

10) Sunday 25th September is also a Family Festival at E-werk in Erlangen.

11) There are 2 lakes near Nuremberg - Brombachsee (sometimes known as
Brombach Speicher, which means reservoir) and Rothsee. Both are big lakes,
which you can swim in. They are lovely, and well worth a day trip on a hot
day. My favourite town on the Brombachsee is Altmansdorf, favourite on
Rothsee is Heuberg and the town Hilpoltstein is also nice. There is another
lake - Kleiner Brombachsee - but this is closed for swimming in the summer
(due to blue algae). There is a great campsite at Pleinfeld on the
Brombachsee if any of you are campers (we are!!).