Monday, September 12, 2011

Baby and Kinder Basars - Is it really that time again?

It's Kinder and Babybasar time again...  for great deals on gently used kids clothes for Fall and Winter (think coats, mittens, hats as well as general school and play clothes,)  winter toys (sleds, bikes etc.) and more -- here are some links which may help you find some good ones.  You can also check your local Amtsblatt or paper for the ones nearest you...


The best collection of basars I have found in the Erlangen-Hochstadt area is in the free family magazine Fritzi - keep an eye out for their magazines at Doctor's offices, schools and the like, or you can download it.  But the latest issue is set to come out today, and I expect their list will be in there.  You can download it here (once it's out):

and here is a link to show you what the fall issue looks like so you can keep an eye out for it!:

******************************************************** (Also a very good list for the Erlangen area!) (Best for the N-berg, Fuerth area)

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