Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Looking for a Haunted... Castle?

Look no further!  It's a bit of a drive, but well worth it - at Frankenstein's Castle!  I went here as a kid, and still remember it well!  And I'm sure it's even better now!  Might be something to consider checking out if you have school age kids missing all the fun Halloween activities back in the states...

Here is the link to the English page.

They have a series of "Family Days" on Sundays, which are a bit tamer than other days...

Family days 2011
Sunday, Oktober 23rd from 2 PM to 6 PM
Sunday, Oktober 30th from 2 PM to 6 PM
Sunday, November 30th from 2 PM to 6 PM

you can read more about the Family Days here...

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