Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Message from Friends of the Library, Erlangen

Dear Friends

We hope you have been enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.

As FOL,E we have just finished our first financial year, and what a year it was!
• We bought over 300 books for the library and
• held two events with English book readings (together with English Dramatic Society members)
• all with the money raised (well over 1000Euro) due largely to a generous donation from Moira Drexler, of Australiss, and of course – your membership fees!

Don’t forget our upcoming AGM (Annual General Meeting)
November 17th, 2011. Time: 19:00, Place: Bürgersaal in Erlangen Public Library.
Come to the meeting and find out more about our financial year and the books we bought.
Moreover, if you have any "Anträge" or matters that you want discussed and therefore included as a "Tagesordnungspunkt" please send them to in good time so that Uta can include them on the agenda. Otherwise we have to vote at the beginning on any items that you want discussed if they have not been included. (Paragraphs 8, 9, 11, 12 of our "Satzung" all deal with the "Mitgliederversammlung")
One of the points on the agenda will be "Neuwahlen": At our founding meeting we agreed that a new "Vorstand" would be voted for every year, to encourage more people to get involved. Perhaps YOU would like to become a member of the Vorstand or propose someone. Don't hesitate to ask any of the current Vorstand (Cate Türk - 2. Vorsitzende, Joan Fabry - Schriftführerin, Gisela Höppl - Schatzmeisterin, Uta Batteson-Morris - 1. Vorsitzende) about the "work" involved. 

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