Tuesday, November 29, 2011

English Christmas Carol Services

Come sing English Christmas Carols with German and English speakers alike!  There are two opportunities that I know of this year...


The first is at the Hugenotten Church in Erlangen, which we also featured last year.  The Hugenotten Church (Hugenottenkirche) is located on the Hugenottenplatz, just opposite the train station and bus depot, as well as McDonald's.  It is Erlangen's oldest building, and was the first Huguenot church outside of France - a beautiful setting to sing Christmas Carols!

"A Service of Lessons and Carols for Christmas"

December 11th (3rd Sunday in Advent) at 6pm.
The service will be conducted by Prof. Alasdair Heron and wife, Rec. Helen Heron.  The service will be accompanied by the choir "Sing A-Moll," flutists Zsuzsa Csögör, Susanne Scheer und Regina Zipf and Walter Holweger on the organ.


The second is at the E.T.A. Hoffmann-Gymnasium in Bamberg, is hosted by the German-English Club of Bamberg and is recommended by our local English speaking Girl Scout troops who will also be participating.

A Festival of Lessons and Carols 
for Advent and Christmas 
Readings and Christmas Songs 
Groups of school children will also sing Christmas songs. 
Sherry and traditional mince pies to be served afterwards.

Sunday, 18th Dec (4th Sunday in Advent)
5 p.m.
Sternwartstraße 3
Parking available
on school grounds.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sing-along Concert - Benni and the Sunshine Boys

Come join Benni and the Sunshine Boys for a sing-and-dance-along concert this Sunday the 20th of November.  This Australian band frequently incorporates well known English songs into their act, and getting into the groove is fun for the whole family!

Time: 15:30  Location: Südpunkt Pillenreutherstr.147 90459 Nürnberg  Info: Tel.             0911-230690      

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shopping in Erlangen... Tis the Season!

Since I moved here over three years ago, the shopping in Erlangen has changed pretty dramatically.  I know that the Arcaden was still pretty new at that point, and I'm sure its presence has had an impact on what is available on the Hauptstrasse, and in other parts of Erlangen.  Getting into and out of Erlangen for shopping is easier for me than Nuremberg, but initially it felt like it was almost ALL chain stores, and that it was rather lacking in the "boutique" market.  But it has definitely been changing, as any of you who have been to Friedrichstrasse lately probably know (I'm not including any of those shops today, as I think they are mostly discovered, but if you haven't walked down there lately, go check it out, there are a few new places you might like)!

But last month my mother was visiting, and on a mission to find some new yarn and red corduroy for my daughter's Halloween costume I came across several new shops I had never found before, and so I figured I would share them all with you, too!


The first is called Bel Mondo and it is a gift shop similar to Casa Verde on Friedrichstr., but with a better assortment in their variety of wares.  It's just a couple blocks over on Universitätsstraße 11, just up from the Hugenottenplatz.

Their website didn't have very many pictures to choose from, and this strange little guy was my only choice, but take my word for it, they have lots of fun items for the home and to wear - definitely stop in and check it out!

The second shop is called Pillowfino and I was SO excited when I found it.  It is where the old Singer Sewing shop used to be, and if you used to buy fabric there, have no fear... Pillowfino has fabric, too!  Just a very updated approach to it!  They carry all kinds of different fabrics, in bright colors and lots of prints.  They also have tons of hard to find trims, and then a smaller selection of stuffed toys and other items aimed at children and children's decorating.

You can find Pillowfino at Universitätsstraße 3, just down from Bel Mondo!


Wollstübchen  is a wool shop on the other side of the Hauptstr., on the other end of town (towards the Berg).  It has very probably been there a really long time, and I have just never discovered it, because it is kind of tucked away in a rather obscure location.  But if you are a knitter or some other type of yarn-crafter, you will find it a really nice alternative to Sabine's Wollstudio on Friedrichstr.  Edith Humpert is the proprietor, she is very friendly and helpful, has a lovely assortment of trendy and contemporary yarns, and you can find her and her shop at Heuwaagstr. 18 (just south of the smaller Mueller on that end of the Hauptstr.).


Antikhaus Prahse is practically next door to the wool shop (Heuwaagstr. 10), and is worth a peek inside if you like restored antiques, particularly in a country (Landhausstil) or "chabby chic" style.  Lots of painted wood antiques and other curious and fun, found items, as well as a few artsy decorative pieces mixed in.  They will also restore any furniture you have that has been sitting in the basement waiting for a new life!


The last new shop we found on our jaunt through town was a children's boutique called Gecko Kinderboutique.  Their website says that they have been there since 2003, but it's out of the way enough that I had never found it before.  If you're in the market for some high-end children's clothing it is worth seeking out.  Styling is pretty typical German for children's clothing, but they have a good selection, and I think it is a great addition to what is available elsewhere in Erlangen. 


Happy Shopping!