Monday, February 6, 2012

Fondant in Erlangen!!! (And other great baking items!)

I happened to be in a kitchen store in Erlangen today, which I have been in several times, and for the first time noticed what a great selection of baking accessories and items they have.  Seeing this it occurred to me that they might at least know of where I might be able to buy fondant icing here in the area - so I asked.  Guess it was a good lesson in never hesitating to ask - because they told me that I could order it right there in the store!

They have a Backzubehor Gesamtkatalog (Complete catalog of Baking Accessories) which they can order from for anything that they do not have in stock.  And in this catalog is a selection of assorted colors of fondant icing in 250 gr. packets for 4.50 Euro, a few colors in 500 gr. packets for 6.50, and white in kilo packets for 11.00 Euro.  The gentleman said that it takes 10 days to arrive after you have placed your order. The catalog also has a great selection of cake tins and other decorating items including sugars, icing tips, fondant templates, etc.  And the store also has the best selection of decorating items I've seen to date!

The store is Greiner: Neues & Bewaehrtes, located at Hauptstr. 65 and 67 in Erlangen 91054

This is at eth far end of teh Hauptstrasse from the Arcaden, towards Martin Luther Platz, once the Hauptstrasse is no longer a walking area.  It is also a great kitchen store to boot!