Saturday, June 2, 2012

Schedule of Fests in the Erlangen - Hochstadt area in June.

For a list of Kirchweihe, Johannisfeuer and other Fests in the Erlangen - Hochstadt area, Kreislauf Magazin has compiled one in their latest issue.  You can find it by clicking on the link below and going to page 42.

Wondering what a Krichweih is????

"Kirchweih" (which is the formal German word), "Kerwa" and "Kärwa" (which are local Franconian dialect) all refer to an annual church festival to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the church. Often times the local brewery will brew a special beer and there is food, music, games, etc. It really is the equivalent of a town fair.

For more information on what a Johannisfeuer is... click here

There was also a Wandertag listed in Hessdorf - a Wandertag is a bit like a Volksmarch, or basically a day when the everybody gets together and goes for a long walk!  (I believe they have a 5, 10 or a 20k option.)  The afterwards, they have a Fest, of course.)

And I expect that Kreislauf Magazin will continue to list the Fests each month as the summer progresses.  We get it free in our mailbox, but apparently you can just look it up on line if you don't!

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