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January 2014 - Overview

Note: This is the first of monthly posts I have planned for 2014. My goal is to provide basic information on holidays, local events, things to do, and changes at the supermarket. An overview, if you will.  I am posting this early, in order to gather input. Any and all comments, complaints, additions are welcome!

January 2014

Holidays (Federal or Bavaria specific)

Wednesday, January 1 (New Year´s Day)
Monday, January 6 (Epiphany or Three King´s Day) - Also the traditional day to take down your tree. Check with your town as far as collection dates. It may very well be January 7. A post is planned on this holiday and customs in the next few weeks.

Events (by no means a complete list)

January 12 (Sunday)  Flohmarkt/Trödelmarkt (a larger flea market in the area, fun to putter around)
     Großparkplatz Innenstadt
January 30 - February 6 Erlangen Lichtmessmarkt
January 2 Traumfabrik In Nürnberg for one day only, a music, magic fantasy show. Hard to describe,
     link is to pictures, you can also buy tickets on their site. Highly rated, especially good for
January 21 Children´s Reading Corner
Ongoing until January 26 The King Tut exhibit is in Nürnberg, Quelle Areal. Link in English.
Ongoing until March Segway Indoor Parcours (suitable for adults and kids 7+)
     An obstacle course........... on Segway´s! 

Berlin Fashion Week (January 14-16)

Other things to do? 

Kick-Fabrik - Nürnberg indoor soccer and mini-golf

Bowling (Google kegeln or bowling and your town´s name)

Though the Christmas markets are over, the Glühwein stands will remain for a few more months!

Visit an indoor pool or sauna- Atlantis is in Herzo, Nürnberg has many to choose from (link in    German), Bamberg has Bambados Can´t decide?  Schwimmbadcheck is an online review site for public pools, link is in English.

Ice Skating- Most cities have somewhere for ice skating (google Eislaufen and your town´s name). Erlangen has completely free ice skating (only a deposit is required for rentals). Info here. Note the rink by Marktplatz closes after 12/26, but is OPEN!!! special hours on the 24th, 25th AND 26th of December.

Winterlaufen - When in Rome, or Germany as the case may be............get out there and take a long walk in the bitter cold invigorating air! Suggestion: Fränkische Schweiz (link in English)

Skiing - It´s not the Alps, but here´s a list of  39 ski areas in Bavaria. Link in English

See your city like a tourist! I´ve been in Bamberg off an on for about 3 years. Embarrassingly enough, I haven´t seen the Nativity Museum, Natural History Museum, or the City Museum. They´re on my list for bitter cold January.


Produce availability in Germany is VERY seasonal. Want fresh asparagus right now? Not likely.
Want to know when to expect what (of locally grown produce)? Click here  This also includes information about when to plant what in this area of Germany.

Things to hoard stock up on now, as they are going away quickly!
Pomegranates (Granäpfel) - also going away quickly are all related products (yogurts, etc.)
Squash -  In the next few weeks, squash such as Hokkaido (closest to our "regular" pumpkins in the US), and butternut start to become harder to find.

Things cropping up (pun intended) ;)
Bitter Oranges
Blood Oranges
Stalk Celery!!!! I have seen some already, imported from Italy
Red Beets
Kale (Grünkohl) - Note: I find the kale here much, much different than kale in the States.

What in the world is that?
Some items you may not be familiar with that you will start to see:
Photo from

Schwarzwurzel (Black Salsify)
Want to know what to do with it? Click here! 

Photo from
Steckrüben (Turnip or Rutabaga for Americans)
Here´s a case for why you should try it, as well as a few recipes. 

Anything you´d like to add? Leave it in the comments! 

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