Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Vegetarian and Vegan and Gluten Free in the HENhaus Area

Did you know that between 9 and 11% of Germans are vegetarian or vegan? (Source: European Vegetarian 
Union). That number is expected to increase thanks to initiatives like "Grillen Ohne Killen" (grilling without killing) and "Donnerstag ist Veggietag" (Thursday is Veggie Day).

Whether you are vegetarian, or just trying to eat less meat, I have put together a (in no way comprehensive) list of resources for you!

Veggie Friendly Supermarkets: 
- Most supermarkets will have some soy based products/veggie protein options. Items like soy (Soja)  or almond (Mandel) milk, and other soy based options can be found in any larger supermarket (Real, Tegut, Rewe, Edeka -though not as frequently in discount markets such as Norma, Lidl, etc.).
- Larger selections can be found in Reformhauser, or health food stores (search "Reformhaus" and your city's name). IMHO, prices tend to be much higher in a Reformhaus.
- Bio (Organic) Supermarkets will also have large selections (Denn's is a good one) NOTE: Denn's also has a decent selection of gluten and lactose free products.

Finding Veggie Friendly Restaurants, etc. : 
Rather than attempt to list (and maintain) all of the vegan, veggie (or veggie friendly) restaurants in the area, here are some tips and resources!
- The city of Nürnberg has collected some resources here.
- Happy Cow:  Happy Cow has reviews and information for vegan, veggie and veggie friendly restaurants and stores. Link is to Nuremberg, where they have 26 listings! Bonus? In ENGLISH! Also has reviews. Also has an app for mobile use. 
- Vegan Guide Nürnberg (also Erlangen, Fürth) - links to local restaurants, shops and also meet ups
- VEBU- Vegetarierbund Deutschland has a restaurant search engine.  The site lists hours of operation, has links to restaurant websites, and reviews. Also has an app for Android or iOS phones. In German, easily translated with google. :)
- Try Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Italian and Turkish restaurants.

Want to meet other vegetarians? 
- VEBU - VEBU is one of the largest vegetarian clubs in Germany. Try, for more information. They offer vegetarian "buddies" for members who are just converting to the veggie lifestyle. Some local chapters have a monthly Stammtisch, (link to Nuremberg site) or offer cooking classes (prices typically around the 20 Euro mark). Note: website in German.
- Single? Try Veggie Connection to find a like minded mate! (link to Bavaria, in English)
- Facebook! (of course) Nuremberg has a vegetarian and vegan group (in German) that is part of VEBU. Nürnberg Vegan has more than 1,300 members.

An in NO way comprehensive list of recommended veggie friendly restaurants: 
- Erlangen: Das Muskat in the heart of Erlangen, also has no problem with gluten free when asked. Kolbe is a Reformhaus with a hot lunch bar as well as salad bar, also, carries products that are not carried in many other health food stores. Weekly menu posted on line.
- Nuremberg: Mischbar , The Tasty Leaf (can accomodate gluten free, lactose free and soy intolerance!), Wittmans (offers GF, has English menus and English speaking staff, out of the way on a residential street).
-Bamberg: Kornblume (one of my all time favorite restaurants. The ONLY "bad" thing about it is location, it is a bit out of the way, though near Keesmann and Mahrs breweries :)), Suppenplantage 

Traveling??? Take a look here for veggie friendly hotels (link to those in Germany, but has world wide information.)

Gluten Free? 
- Try the German Celiac Society for information (in German, again, easily translated with Google toolbar). You can also like them on Facebook.
- More and more restaurants have GF options, see above for just a few.
- The online bakery (Hammermuehle) has gotten great reviews.
- Rewe and Edeka have some selection. Ebl (Organic Supermarket) and Denn's also have products.
- Online grocery stores: Querfood, Glutenfrei Supermarket
- DM Drogerie have gluten free sections.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or additions to these resources, please tell us in the comments!

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