Friday, February 28, 2014

March 2014 - Overview

Holidays (Federal or Bavaria specific)       

None! (well, not officially here in the area)

School holidays March 3-7, 2014 Spring Break

Not official holidays in Bavaria, however, March 3 and 4 are the big Fasching (or Carnival, Mardi Gras, etc.) celebrations for Rose Monday and Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday)- the last parties before Lent begins. See below for activities. This is also a good time to pick up items you might want for Halloween, as the selection is greater. 

March 5 Ash Wednesday

Events (by no means a complete list)

March 3 Rosenmontag Parade. This year's theme is Movie Stars! 
March 17 Murphy´s Law or Granny Mac´s Irish Pubs for St. Patrick´s Day
March 22-23 Erlangen Easter Egg Market- over 40 artists participating. 

March 2 Nuernberg Fasching Parade 
March 15 Nuernberg Sport Verein Spring Run(s) Choose from shorter runs for children, 5K        or 10K. Nordic Walking and Biking as well! Details here (in German)
March 14-16 The German Irish Friendship Circle is hosting St. Patrick´s Day weekend events (some events are in German, English, and Irish) Ticket prices €20 Friday with special guest Jonny Logan (of Eurovision fame in the 80´s and 90´s) €10 Saturday. 
March 15 Rockfabrik hosts a St. Patrick´s Day party with Kilkenny Knights 
March 17 Finnegan´s Irish Pub hosts a St. Patrick´s Day party
Ongoing until March Segway Indoor Parcours (suitable for adults and kids 7+)
     An obstacle course........... on Segway´s!

March 4 Shrove Tuesday celebrations on the marketplace 

March 2 Wuerzburg Fasching Parade - One of the largest in our area! Over 125 participating groups. FREE
March 2-4 Playmobil Funpark (Fuerth) has Fasching activities for children. 
March 7-9 Tulip and Wine Festival Wuerzburg because the only thing better than drinking wine is drinking wine with thousands of tulips around you! FREE
March 8-9 Franconian Gourmet Fair (Iphofen- 45 minutes from Nberg by train)- Local (Frankisch) gourmet food! Child care available. Note: This is also Open Sunday in Iphofen, stores will be open. 
March 30 Open Sunday Fuerth - corresponds with their Spring Festival as well (March 29-April 6)

Other things to do? 
Explore our area´s many bike paths! (For a Nürnberg map of bike paths, click here) For other cities, start with a google search of your city´s name and Fahrradweg). Maps are available in most book stores for under €5. 

Beer kellers and gardens that closed for the season begin to re-open! Try Forchheim´s famous Kellerwald (click here for map and description in German). It´s little less than 30 minutes train ride from Nberg Hbf and then a bit of a walk. 

Head out to a local soccer game. The season reopened end of February. Tip: For those with children with short attention spans, some clubs offer free admission for the second half. 

Kick-Fabrik - Nürnberg indoor soccer and mini-golf

Bowling (Google kegeln or bowling and your town´s name)

Visit an indoor pool or sauna- Atlantis is in Herzo, Nürnberg has many to choose from (link in    German), Bamberg has Bambados Can´t decide?  Schwimmbadcheck is an online review site for public pools, link is in English.


Produce availability in Germany is VERY seasonal. Want fresh asparagus right now? Not likely.
Want to know when to expect what (of locally grown produce)? Click here  This also includes information about when to plant what in this area of Germany.

Things to hoard stock up on now, as they are going away quickly!
Spring Onions

Things cropping up (pun intended) ;)
Fresh local spinach 
It´s not a vegetable or fruit, but it´s tulip season! 

What in the world is that?

Basically, just a carrot. Or Karotten, or Möhren, or Gelbe Rüben. These look especially pretty in salads, or, try a carrot fritter. 


Anonymous said...

How can I find out if stores (especially grocery stores) are open on Monday or Tuesday during Fasching in the Erlangen/Nuremberg area?

Mandy939 said...

They are not official holidays in Bavaria, so grocery stores should be open, you will still get mail, etc. :)