Thursday, March 20, 2014

Learning German with Deutsch Perfekt

Deutsch Perfekt magazine (also the website) is one of my favorite ways to improve my language skills. It´s a general news magazine aimed specifically at people living in German speaking countries for whom German is a second language. Written in German, it covers a variety of timely topics each month. Every issue has two or three major themes (March is Hamburg and working in Germany, as well as articles on Fasching), and a variety of other articles on society, culture, and everyday life. Everyday life articles have included insurance in Germany, visiting a doctor in Germany, and the Finanzamt (seen below).

It´s written in three levels of German. Words that may not be known by readers at that level are clarified in more basic German, making it easy to understand (see this above, bottom left). Online you can see this in blue here.  If you are not sure you understood the article, some articles even have quizzes. The center section is always full of tip cards, games, and grammar exersizes.

 Deutsch Perfekt magazine is available at larger bookstores, and at train station newsstands for €6,90. You can check out the news online for free here.

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