Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt! April 20

Photo source:Wikipedia
The Fränkisches Freiland Museum in Bad Windsheim has all sorts of Easter activities for families. In addition to Easter Egg coloring (April 17, 18 and 19), they also have an Easter Egg Hunt!

On April 20, over 1,000 eggs will be hidden on their grounds. The hunt starts at 9am and ends around 1pm.

The Fränkisches Freiland Museum is approximately one hour by car, and an hour to hour and a half by train. More information is available here. The museum itself takes approximately three hours to go through with children (source: their website) through the signed path through (shorter trips are of course possible)-

The old farm yard, herb pharmacy, and Museum Church tour take an additional 2 hours (again, may be made shorter by not taking the "official" tour.

Entry prices vary by age, and which part of the grounds you are interested in seeing. See here for information on tickets.  The museum is also open Easter Monday!

While there, check out Franken-Therme, the spa the town is well known for!

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