Sunday, June 29, 2014

July 2014 - Overview

Holidays (Federal or Bavaria specific)       

Events (by no means a complete list)
World Cup! (Weltmeisterschaft) Click here for the post on where to watch. Games continue until July 13. 
July 4 - 13 Summer Festival! (Sommerkirchweih) at the Am Weihersbach festival grounds.

Through August 21 - Erlangen goes fit! FREE fitness classes outdoors every Thursday. Near   Röthelheimbad
July 3 - August 8 Schlossstrand Erlangen, Erlangen´s city beach! Open daily.
July 12-13 Bismarckstrassenfest 
July 12 Ceramic Market 


Through August 13 Nürnberg goes fit FREE fitness classes for adults and children. Various days of the week, see link for schedule. 
July 6 Urbanian Run- 10k race with obstacles! €59 
July 9-13 Nürnberger Weinfest, Jakobsplatz 
July 27, Folk im Park, Marienbergpark Folk music festival

June 30 - July 6 Hofgarten Weinfest, Würzburg
July 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 Salsa in the Park, Fürth. 
July 4- 6 Africa Culture Days, Fürth 
July 4-20 Kiliani Volksfest, Würzburg 
July 11 - 14 Altmein Winefest, Sand am Main
July 16 - 28 Hoffest am Stein- Wine Festival, Würzburg 
July 17 - 21 Schlossplatzfest Coburg, one of Coburg´s largest festivals, at the castle. 
July 18-20 Bamberg Zaubert - Bamberg´s magic festival. Main shows hows are on Maxplatz, but performers are all around the inner city, on stilts, high wires, unicycles. Great for kids and adults alike! 
July 24 - 27, Canalissimo Festival, Bamberg Music, food, etc. along the old canal. Especially beautiful at night with the lights in the river. 
July 25 - August 4- Annafest Forcheim- SUPER fun beer festival in the Forcheim Kellerwald. Wear your Dirndl! Almost half a million visitors come every year. Link in English.
Other things to do? 

Visit the city beach in Würzburg. 

Fuego Latino (Nürnberg)  has many dance classes you can try Salsa, Merengue, Bachata- with daily passes from €3-€8

Nürnberg´s Experience Park is fun for the whole family! See- touch- feel- smell Open until September 19, 2014. 

It´s wine festival time! With so many wineries in the lower Franconian region there´s a festival every weekend. Check out the list (in English) here (in English). The area is about one hour from Nürnberg by train. 

Find a local Beer Keller here! 

Pick your own berries and currants, and even asparagus! click here or here for a few places in the Nürnberg area. Check the individual websites for more information. 

Kerwa (or Kirchweih) season is here! Click here for a list of local festivals. Wondering what a Kerwa is? See our previous post

Missing the beach? Try Summer in the City in Nürnberg to hang out or play in the sand. 

Explore our area´s many bike paths! (For a Nürnberg map of bike paths, click here) For other cities, start with a google search of your city´s name and Fahrradweg). Maps are available in most book stores for under €5. 

Beer kellers and gardens that closed for the season begin to re-open! Try Forchheim´s famous Kellerwald (click here for map and description in German). It´s little less than 30 minutes train ride from Nberg Hbf and then a bit of a walk. 

Head out to a local soccer game. The season reopened end of February. Tip: For those with children with short attention spans, some clubs offer free admission for the second half.

Visit a pool or sauna- Atlantis is in Herzo, Nürnberg has many to choose from (link in    German), Bamberg has Bambados Can´t decide?  Schwimmbadcheck is an online review site for public pools, link is in English.


Produce availability in Germany is VERY seasonal. Want fresh asparagus right now? Not likely.
Want to know when to expect what (of locally grown produce)? Click here  This also includes information about when to plant what in this area of Germany.

Things to hoard stock up on now, as they are going away quickly!

Things cropping up (pun intended) ;)

Local Apples

What in the world is that?

Photo: Wikipedia

Johannisbeeren, or currants. The German name comes from John the Baptist, and they are traditionally only sold after his birthday, June 24. 

BBC has compiled a list of recipes

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Nürnberg Tours in English (and French, Italian and of course German)

If you want to play tourist in your own city, or have visitors in town,  tours by Geschichte für Alle (History for All) are highly recommended. GfA does guided tours in Nürnberg (English and other languages possible), Erlangen, Fürth and Bamberg.

There are hundreds of tours available in all four cities. So what makes them different? They are a Verein (Club). So your guides are actually volunteers, just regular people who enjoy showing others their great city! We have done two, and found the guides incredible knowledgeable, and able to solve "mysteries" about the city that no one else has been able to answer.

Also, the prices are incredible. Most tours are around €7/8 and are between 60 - 90 minutes. Some are as low as €3.

Private tours can also be scheduled in English for as low as €105 for up to 20 people.

They also do private tours for children, which could be a unique birthday party experience!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

World Cup 2014

It´s almost World Cup (or Die Weltmeisterschaft)  time! The games begin June 12 go on until the final on July 13, 2014.

You likely already know that.

While Germans typically don´t hang flags or don their colors (black, gold, red) - major soccer events are an exception. So get your Germany hats, flags, shirts, scarves, M&M´s, pasta, etc. now. :)

Known games for Germany are:
June 16 6:00 pm Germany-Portugal
June 21 9:00 pm Germany - Ghana
June 26 6:00 pm USA - Germany

Where to watch along with the other 3.2 BILLION fans (or 46% of the world´s population!)?

Almost every bar, even those which normally don´t have TV, will likely show it on a screen. If you are going to a sports bar, be sure to get there VERY early for seats.

Here is a list of Kneipes and beer gardens in Nürnberg (in German, google translate does a good job)

Or, my favorite way..........a public viewing!

Nürnberg - At the airport - - Free entry! Scheduled public viewings so far are all Germany games- June 16, 21, 26 (and the games following or before in the case of 21). Entry begins at 4.
Map of the area here. Free.

Erlangen - Kellerbühne, Garden - all World Cup games. More information here. Space for 2,000 people. Free.

Herzo - Adidas outlet will show all Germany games. Free.

Bamberg - Maxplatz, 5,000 people Information here. All Germany games plus all finals (game for third, quarterfinal, etc.)

Another list of places to view the game that includes more of Franconia. 

Not familiar with the game? Here´s a cheat sheet.
Know the game, but not the terms in German? Have a look here.
Don´t know any German soccer chants for the public viewing? Here´s a really common and REALLY easy one! (There´s just 3 words!)

Adidas has also put together their ultimate guide to the games. See here, to read all about the official ball, the teams, what Adidas is doing at the World Cup, and more.