Tuesday, June 10, 2014

World Cup 2014

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It´s almost World Cup (or Die Weltmeisterschaft)  time! The games begin June 12 go on until the final on July 13, 2014.

You likely already know that.

While Germans typically don´t hang flags or don their colors (black, gold, red) - major soccer events are an exception. So get your Germany hats, flags, shirts, scarves, M&M´s, pasta, etc. now. :)

Known games for Germany are:
June 16 6:00 pm Germany-Portugal
June 21 9:00 pm Germany - Ghana
June 26 6:00 pm USA - Germany

Where to watch along with the other 3.2 BILLION fans (or 46% of the world´s population!)?

Almost every bar, even those which normally don´t have TV, will likely show it on a screen. If you are going to a sports bar, be sure to get there VERY early for seats.

Here is a list of Kneipes and beer gardens in Nürnberg (in German, google translate does a good job)

Or, my favorite way..........a public viewing!

Nürnberg - At the airport - www.kickandgroove.de - Free entry! Scheduled public viewings so far are all Germany games- June 16, 21, 26 (and the games following or before in the case of 21). Entry begins at 4.
Map of the area here. Free.

Erlangen - Kellerbühne, Garden - all World Cup games. More information here. Space for 2,000 people. Free.

Herzo - Adidas outlet will show all Germany games. Free.

Bamberg - Maxplatz, 5,000 people Information here. All Germany games plus all finals (game for third, quarterfinal, etc.)

Another list of places to view the game that includes more of Franconia. 

Not familiar with the game? Here´s a cheat sheet.
Know the game, but not the terms in German? Have a look here.
Don´t know any German soccer chants for the public viewing? Here´s a really common and REALLY easy one! (There´s just 3 words!)

Adidas has also put together their ultimate guide to the games. See here, to read all about the official ball, the teams, what Adidas is doing at the World Cup, and more.

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