Thursday, July 3, 2014

What I love about living in.........Weisendorf!

Wiesendorf is a town located about 15 km, or 7 miles from Erlangen. The population of about 6,400 includes many expats from around the world. 
Name: Katrina de Laat (Kat)
Hometown: Everywhere, USA – Army Brat, I grew up all over the world.
Age: 40
Family Status: Married with 3 kids
Occupation: Hausfrau
What brought you to Germany? My husband came over to take a job with adidas
How long have you been here?  6 years (Since 2008)
How did you settle on Weisendorf? We liked that it has everything we need, but is still a small town, and not too far from adidas, or Erlangen, etc.
How easy is it to meet people? Other expats? Much easier now that HENhaus exists!  And there is a larg expat community here in Weisendorf.
Favorite things about living in (name of town/city) area of town/city if large? I love that we’re out in the countryside in just a short walk or bike ride, yet we still have a Rewe, café, ice cream parlor and great community and schools for the kids.
Kid friendly? School information? Weisendorf is very kid friendly.  There are some really nice playgrounds, 3 kindergartens, a primary and middle school, not to mention wonderful community activities and sports programs sponsored by the various town clubs and youth office.  Because it is a small town, and a strong community I feel quite comfortable allowing my daughter the small town freedom of riding her bike to friend’s houses, and she has a sense of independence that is frequently not available in towns back home anymore.  We are also very close to Lindenhof, which is kids farm with a petting zoo, pony rides and other playground and park type activities for kids.
What do you do on the weekend? We’re still very close by car to Erlangen and Nuremberg, so we often go into town.  But we also like to have brunch at the Brothaus, or dinner at the Goldener Engel.  And we love it when the whole family joins up for a bike ride out on the bike paths.
Weeknight activities? With 3 small children, weeknight activities mostly consist of the bedtime routine!  But there is a great new place that does pizza and Indian delivery, which is sometimes a great help.
Transportation? Do I need a car? I would definitely recommend a stay at home spouse to have a car available here.  While there is great bus service to Erlangen and Herzogenaurach, I wouldn’t want to have to rely on that for all of my out of town transportation.
Doctors?  I think that most people that live here see doctors in Herzo or Erlangen, just because that is where the best English speaking practitioners seem to be.
Hairdresser?I have never had my hair done here, but my husband goes to the Friseur across from Rewe, and there is another one near the Brothaus now, as well as some people who work out of their house. 
 Best spot for a beer? It would probably be the Goldner Engel in the summer on their patio.
Café for a coffee?  Brothaus, right in the center of town.
Favorite restaurants? We love Süß which isn’t too far out of town in Büch And Asian Thai Tam is good for Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese in Hessdorf.  We also love the Forsthaus bier garten at the Dechsendorf lake, which isn’t too far.

New in town? Make sure to check the “Amtsblatt” or local weekly paper which comes to your mailbox everyweek.  They announce lots of fun town kids and family activities, as well as advertise local services.

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