Monday, August 4, 2014

English Tours To Do With Visitors (or just to see your city as a tourist)

It´s vacation time, and since so many people have visitors, I thought I´d collect a bunch of tours in English for the area! 

Note: All information is accurate as of post date. For the most accurate information, please click on the links. :) 

These tours through Erlangen Marketing are available for groups, but must be booked in advance in English. 

- Erlangen Marketing also has a guide to see the most important sights in about 45 minutes on your own. (free) 

- Again, through Erlangen Marketing, a list of all sights of importance, with a short description. 

- The Erlangen Nightwatchman tour may be booked in English. 

- Tomis has free! audio guides for self guided tours. 3 to choose from: fast tour, extended tour, and beer tour. Also, a great interactive map on their website, depicting highlights/stops. 

- The Botanical Garden and Aroma Garden are free! and highly rated on tripadvisor. 

- Daily walking tour from Hauptmarkt, €10 Euro pp (kids under 14 free) One hour.
- Bus tour (in German, but with a 12 page booklet in English provided, for deposit) @ 2      hours
   Adults 14 € / Children 14 years and under 7 € /
   Families 28 € (Parents, Children 14 years and under) / Students 12 €
- Bus tour in English and German 2.5 hours, pick up by Lorenzkirche. Daily 10am. Adults €17, children under 15 €8,50
- Old town tour with the City Mini Train. (again, in German, with English leaflet provided) several times daily April - October, Sat/Sun only November- March. 30-40 minutes adults €7, kids €3, family tickets available. 
- The Lady Nightwatchman - in English with prior arrangement/booking. Note: this in particular was listed as good for children as well. 
- Tour of Nürnberg´s Rock Cut Cellars (English audio guide provided) Daily from 11-5, Adults €5, kids €4, family tickets available. 
- Nürnberg´s Historical Mile (self guided) 
- Nazi Party Rally Grounds (self guided) 
- Red Beer in Deep Cellars (English audio guide) Fridays and Saturdays €8 includes beer tasting. 
- Nürnberg´s Treasures - learn about Nürnberg´s secrets and treasures. Self guided. €22,95 includes MP3 Player. Order online, or pick it up at the Tourist Bureau.

- Subterranean Nürnberg - check out bomb shelters, medieval beer cellers, water supplies, dungeons and more under the streets of Nürnberg. Daily 3:15, meet at Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Adults €6, children under 3 free.

- Geschichte für Alle tour of the permanent exhibition of the Nürnberg Trials and Room 600. Price €3 One hour, Saturdays. 
See post about Geschichte für Alle here. Their other tours can be scheduled in German for €105 for up to 20 people. 

- Guided tour of Albrecht Dürer´s home (by "Agnes Dürer", his wife). In English Saturdays 2pm. €2,50 Adults, €1 children

- Guided tour of Tucher Museum by the "Mistress of the House", in English Sundays 2pm. €2,50 per person in addition to museum fee. 

- English website for the Nürnberg municipal museums. Did you know that each has an admission of €5, but for an extra €2,50 you can turn it into a museum day pass and visit all? (restrictions apply, see link for full information). 

- The Toy Museum has 2 different audio tours, both are just €1. One for adults is 120 minutes, for children, just 70. 

- Guided tours of the Documentation Center - Nazi Party Rally Grounds can be booked in English in advance for about €110 for 2 hours. 

Bamberger Bahn- a tourist bus that takes you over 6 of the 7 hills of Bamberg, including up to Altenburg (with a 15 minute stop to get out). Daily, every hour. Departs from the Dom on the hour. You can get off and back on as you wish. Adults €8,50, Children €3, family tickets available. Duration 1 hour (unless you get off of course!) Depending on how many English speakers they have, the tour may be in both languages. English brochure available free. 
- Self guided audio tour - available at the Tourist office. No lin
Segway tour in English, about €49 per person approx 2 hours. 
- BierSchmecker tour - available at the tourist office. Self guided. €22 includes 5 tasting beers, backpack, beer stein, and more. 
- Link to other Bamberg tours that may be booked in advance in English (from €85) 

Looking to explore your area on your own? 

- Pick up a local map and take different streets every day (even if you are going to the same place). Price? About €3

- Check out your city on mapmyrun (registration required, but free, Nürnberg for example has over 600 routes) or walkjogrun (link to Nberg, reg not required). If someone is saving a run/walk chances are it´s because it´s pretty. I´ve taken the most lovely runs and walks by "stealing" someone else´s! 

- See what Tripadvisor has to say about your city. 

- Here´s what the NY Times suggested doing (in 2013) in Nürnberg. 

- What the Independent suggested (article also from 2013) in Nürnberg. 

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