Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Volkshochschule (VHS)

It´s time for the new VHS semester to begin!

Most cities (and larger towns) have a Volkshochschule (VHS). The VHS serves as a community school for continuing education, and offers classes in a wide variety of things. Courses in cooking, fitness, computer related topics, career related , art, psychology, language, crafts, organization, and even day trips may be offered. The school is partially funded by the government, so the prices can´t be beat...............that said, they fill up quickly!!!

A major reason expats go to the VHS is the low cost German language courses. The VHS in your area may offer  German classes, or the Integration Course required for some here on visas. See below for links to HENhaus area German classes offered this semester.

Of course, most of the classes offered at the VHS are in German. However, VHS Erlangen has an International Club. They offer a FREE (with registration)  English/German discussion group, want to just practise your German? You can do that for free with them as well! Learning German and love art? Visit the Erlanger Kunstpalais and learn all about it at a beginner German level (cost €2).

The International Club at the Erlangen VHS offers a book club, English language movie screenings, information sessions about working in Germany, and so much more! They also offer films and get togethers in languages other than English. Check out their Fall program brochure (pdf) here.

Need only a German language test? Here is a search engine provided by the VHS for all of the German language test dates offered in association with them in Germany. If you need to take for example, the B1 language test and have no need for classes, it´s a great place to start. This lists both telc and Goethe, online tests, and VHS appointments.

Links to the German courses at various VHS in the area:

Herzo (also see link within to Weisendorf, Heßdorf, Großenseebach) NOTE: No German courses available as of this semester.
Bildungszentrum Nordbayern Nürnberg  see here for information about FREE childcare for course            takers Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm  Click here for current (Fall 2014) German courses A1-C2              levels available.
VHS Erlangen

On the same topic, and for more about why you should consider taking a VHS class read this blog post..............though she writes specifically about Munich, it was enough to inspire me! :)

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