Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Allerheiligen and Allerseelen 2014

This Saturday and Sunday are holidays within the Catholic Church.

Saturday, November 1 is Allerheiligen, or All Saint´s Day. The day is to honor all Saint´s, known and unknown, collectively. November 1 is a Bavarian holiday.  All shops will be closed, and additionally, it is a Stille Tag. That means NO loud music, dancing is forbidden, and you will find the general mood outside to be quiet and reflective. In the more Catholic regions, for example, my city of Bamberg, there isn´t really much laughter. The USAG Schweinfurt put out a code of conduct for Stille Tage a few years ago. You may read it here.

Many people will return to the city or town of their family´s origin. The family will go to the Allerheiligen Church service, have a meal together, and visit and decorate their family´s grave. At night, candles are placed on the gravestones.

NOTE: Many museums have special holiday hours. See page 2 here for museums in Nürnberg that are open.

Sunday, November 2, or Allerseelen (All Soul´s  Day)  is NOT a Bavarian, or Federal holiday, but it is observed by Catholics. This day is to honor those departed who were faithful to the Catholic Church.

The holidays have been observed since 835.

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