Wednesday, October 22, 2014

HENhaus............more just than a Facebook group!

In response to the HENhaus survey recently taken, we thought it might be helpful to again share the purpose and mission of HENhaus. So here's a little bit about where we came from and what we do. 

HENhaus (HEN stands for Herzo, Erlangen, and Nürnberg) was founded in 2009. Katrina (Kat) de Laat relocated to Germany in 2008, and was here almost a year before meeting any English speakers in the area. After posting an ad for an English speaking playgroup, Kat was able to find other English speaking women, and the idea for HENhaus was born. It was prior to the Facebook group  that the blog was started. The idea was to create a repository of information so that new expats in Germany don´t have to rediscover answers to common questions all by themselves (what's the deal withflour, or where to find an after hour doctor or pharmacy, for example). The Facebook group was created in 2011. 

HENhaus was founded as a service related organization.  HENhaus has three main purposes, 1. to provide "Newcomer Greetings" and get people connected to other English speakers in the area, 2. to share information helpful to the assimilation process, and 3. something we call Stork Squads. Newcomers to the area may register for a "Newcomer Greeting," where an established HENhaus volunteer meets the newcomer for a coffee or lunch to chat, provide information about social opportunities or groups in the area, local  tips, etc or just lend a friendly ear!  The information portion comes through the repository on, and providing a forum for questions and answers through our facebook page. And, when a new mother (or someone incapacitated due to medical reasons) receives a Stork Squad, amazing HENhaus volunteers provide meals for the individual/family which are delivered to their home.  More information about the services provided can be foundhere on the HENhaus website. 

If you are in need of a Newcomer Greeting, or Stork Squad us! Click here if you are interested in greeting newcomers. 

If you are interested in finding social networks or activities there are several groups in the area which provide social activities for members. 

Our sister organization Chickhaus (events organised on Facebook) provides a variety of social activities: Girl´s Night Out, Coffee and Conversation, Dinner and Drinks, Book Club, etc. 
International Women´s Group also provides a variety of events.They also frequently attend local "international" fairs. 
English Stammtisch Nürnberg has events (normally at a bar) at least twice a month. Typically over 100 in attendance. 
Nürnberg Expats on Meetup organises meetups at sporting events, festivals, etc., as well as bike rides and much more. 
Internations is a well established, group of expats around the world. The Nürnberg group, has a forum for q & a, classified ads, etc. Events in the coming month include book club, tennis and a dinner out for example. 
A list of local English speaking playgroups may be found here 
And if you can't find what you're looking for feel free to post about your interests here in the HENhaus Facebook group! With over 650 members and growing, there are plenty of smaller, private "specialized" groups, whether for knitting and crafts or running and sport, and they are typically always welcoming to newcomers!

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