Sunday, October 26, 2014

What I love about living in............................Erlangen!

Erlangen is a middle Franconian city in Bavaria with a population of over 100000 people. Known for it's University, the massive amount of Siemens offices located here and it's annual festival Der Bergkirchweih. 

Name: Nathalie Caswell

Hometown: UK

Age: Thirties

Family Status: Married

Occupation: Student

What brought you to Germany? My husbands job

How long have you been here? 3.5 years

How did you settle on Erlangen? Its the town my husband works in

How easy is it to meet people? Other expats? Erlangen is fairly large, and there is usually something going on, if you are willing to join in someone will usually want to chat to you. The population is quite international so if you go out looking to meet other expats you will find them.

Favorite things about living in Erlangen? Proximity to the countryside and green spaces like the Schlossgarten, biking is the number one form of transport and everything is within biking distance.

What do you do on the weekend? At the weekends we travel, meet up with friends, shop in Erlangen, Fuerth or Nuernberg, go to festivals, eat out.

Weeknight activities? Take courses at the VHS, get together with friends, play in music groups

Transportation? Do I need a car? Not necessarily if you live in town, the public transport system here is cheap and efficient, a bike however I would definitely recommend.

Doctors? There are plenty to choose from, just be aware that your wait may be long

Favorite spot for a beer? Steinbach brewery outside under the lanterns in the evening, Entlas Keller in the woods in the daytime or Enoteca for wine. Café for a coffee? Amir Der KaffeeMann

Favorite restaurants? Mein Lieber SchwanThe Curry HouseZum Angerwirt

Place to watch a game? The only places in Erlangen that show Rugby are the Irish pubs.

Clothing? Shops here are mostly like the ones in the UK, the prices however are higher.

Taste of home? Lidl do a twice yearly 'British foods' selection, its good for stocking up on cheese, most supermarkets now carry things like Heinz Beans, digestives and tea. Asian shops also stock things like self raising flour and Marmite. Granny Mac's Irish pub does a decent Full Irish breakfast at the weekends.

New in town? has a lots of information about what's going on locally.

Other helpful hints for newcomers? Learn some German, even if it´s just the basics, it will really help!

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