Thursday, October 16, 2014

What I love about living in.......................Nürnberg!

Name: Rituparna Roy or just 'Ritu'                 

Hometown: Kolkata, India

Age: 32

Family Status: Married, with two kids

Occupation: House and kids manager at home

What brought you to Germany? My husband's occupation (Siemens)

How long have you been here? Just a year and half

How did you settle on Nurnberg? Husband's office is in Nürnberg (Siemens Nürnberg & Erlangen). We preferred staying in Nürnberg as it seemed more convenient with lots of transport options and supermarkets located nearby. Plus we don't have a car so we need to stay somewhere which is easily accessible from station, airport and let's say, everywhere.


How easy is it to meet people? Other expats? Very very easy and too much fun. People are very helpful. The Facebook groups like HENhaus and Chickhaus are really helpful whether you want to find a new friend in town or you need any information about anything.

Kid friendly? School information? The area is very good for kids. I live in the old part of the city which is centrally located.  There are many parks and grounds near my place where I can spend a leisurely evening or afternoon with my kids.  Also there are many museums and beautiful gardens for kids. There are swimming pools with special play areas for kids (südstadtbad, freibad, westbad) which is real fun in summers.

What do you do on the weekend? As everything is closed on Sundays, we are mostly shopping and collecting our grocery on Saturdays (in the afternoon). Along with that we also stroll around the city center and grab something to eat in the afternoon and come back home before the kids get too tired. Sundays are mostly spent with friends...meeting up with their families at restaurants, cafes or at home.

Weeknight activities? There are many bars, pubs and night clubs close to our house. But as parents of a one year and a three year we hardly get the scope to take privilege of that. But sometimes we do boy's night and girl's night with our friends when one parent is babysitting. At other times we are also lucky enough to get a babysitter.

Any negatives about the area? Well, I can't see anything negative about this area. But living in Altstadt, close to the city center, means lots of noises entering your ear all day, lots of tourists' crowd to see on the road when you go out for shopping, etc. and living in old houses. If that's a problem for you then it's a negative factor. Honestly, I and my husband quite like it here.

Transportation? Do I need a car? It is always better to have a car anywhere specially when you have small kids.  But we don't have a car yet and don't think we need one urgently. As we live near the city center we are well connected with underground rail (U Bahn), tram (strassenbahn) and bus services. The main train station (Bahnhof), city center(the main shopping area), supermarkets, parks, clinics and hospitals, post offices, schools and kindergartens are within 1 or 1.5 km from our house.

Crime? I was not aware of any crime in this area unless last month our kids' strollers got stolen from our entrance passage. And when I spoke with others about this I came to know that many have similar experiences of their stuffs getting stolen here. But I guess it is not 100% safe anywhere you live.

Doctors? Dentist? We have a very good dentist just 5 minutes walk away from our house. Our general physician (Haus Arzt) is 15 minutes walk from our house. The pediatrician (kinder Arzt) is 20 minutes walk away.

Hairdresser? There are lots of hairdressing salons in and around the place, almost at every corner.

Favorite spot for a beer? Lots and lots of small and big restaurants serve good beer. You just have to try them out, each time at a different place until you find your favorite beer joint.

Café for a coffee? My favorite cafes are W2 and Wanderer in the Altstadt, where me and my friends hang out quite often. Besides, there is Di Simo serving good coffee and Starbucks of course.

Favorite restaurants? Cafe Finca & Bar Celona, Enchilada, Block House, Nordsee and so many. You can find many restaurants serving food from all corners of the world. There are good Indian, Mexican, Australian,  Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Turkish restaurants here.

Place to watch a game? Most of the small cafes have screens put up where you can enjoy a chill wine or a beer while watching your favorite game. Otherwise there are some sport bars around. Sorry ,don't remember the names now.

Day trips? Well, from Nürnberg you can go anywhere. Würzburg (link to blog post from Bavaria Undercover on how to make the best of a day in Würzburg) and Bamberg are the most heard of places where people from Nürnberg go for day trips. Besides, there are other small towns and mountain ranges around which you can explore.

Clothing? You can find many designer shops located in the corner of every street in the old town. The popular brands like Mango, Desigual, S.Oliver, Ansons, Jack Wolfskin and other are available here. H&M and C&A are the most popular stores.

Taste of home? As I am from India, I am always in a look out for Indian or Asian stores to collect some stuff. This city does not disappoint the expats.  There is a huge American section in the supermarkets, many Asian shops and several small shops where you can get specializations of different countries. You just have to look for it. 

Other helpful hints for newcomers? Nürnberg is one of the perfect places to stay when you are away from home. With it's international population you won't feel as an outsider. All you have to do is meet people and learn the language. This makes living here real simple. All the best :-)

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