Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Have a North American Thanksgiving in the HENhaus area

With Thanksgiving around the corner (November 27), I thought I would round up some links to help you with your festivities!                                                                                  

How to make a pumpkin pie in Germany. Note, you can also substitute pumpkin baby food for pumpkin puree. :)

Recipe for pumpkin pie spice mix (cinnamon = Zimt, ginger = Ingwer, allspice = Piment, cloves = Nelke, nutmeg = Muskatnuss)

Cranberries - Can be found (sometimes) in Norma or Aldi(dried), Rewe, Edeka (Alterlangen), Nürnberg Karstadt, Kaufland are good places to look for fresh (November-December). Here´s a bunch of cranberry recipes. Missing the jellied kind? Make your own! Jarred Preiselbeere (IKEA) make a decent substitute.

Chestnut - Marone available everywhere (in season)

Pecans - Edeka (try Alterlangen), Real (sometimes), Karstadt Nürnberg, Edl and Denn´s Bio Markts, Kaufland, Aldi (closer to Christmas season). Expect them to be pricey.

Marshmallows - Real always has them, Karstadt, Rewe, Edeka

Turkey - Available frozen Rewe, Edeka, Kaufland (Pute or Truthahn depending on if it is male or female). Fresh at local butchers. For free range, Ulrich´s Putenhof has been recommended.

Here is a post with great suggestions for alternatives to things like Russet potatoes in Germany, though it is specifically for Berlin.

For ordering American food, see the links on the left hand side of the page for recommendations. 

Columbia Bakery (owned by an American) in Fürth is taking orders for corn bread and pies. See more about Columbia Bakery here

For Thanksgiving at a restaurant, try these:

Maurer´s Diner - Thanksgiving dinner from €29,90 per person
The Regelsbacher Inn (Regelsbach) Full Thanksgiving buffet with Turkey and all the trimmings, cranberry sauce, brussel spr.outs, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cheese cake, pumpkin pie €18,90 per person09122/8904030 for reservations.
Horserer-Rolly´s amerikanische Küche (Reichelsdorf) Pumpkin soup, turkey with sides, pecan or caramel apply pie may all be ordered ala carte or as a 3 course menu for €23,90

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