Monday, December 8, 2014

Over the Counter Medications in Germany

OTC medications are often NOT actually over the counter, they are behind the counter, so you must ask at the Apotheke for them. This may, or may not be followed by questions from the pharmacist about your condition. It´s been my experience that it is better to follow their (highly educated about German medications) recommendations rather than insist on something. OTC medications do not require a prescription. 

Note: Green means plant based or homeopathic. 

Here is a list of recommended OTC medications in Germany: 

General Pain Relief: 
Paracetamol = Tylenol
Aspirin = Aspirin for the (Bayer) brand name product. For generic aspirin, ask for ASS or Acetylsalicylsäure. 
Ibuprofen  = Ibuprofen (US Advil, etc.)
**Note: for coated capsules (enteric coating) ask for Magensaftresistent.

Sore Throat:
Ipalat = recommended throat losenges
Dorithricin = recommended throat losenges
Wicks - same as US brand Vicks

Muscle Pain:
Voltaren Gel 
Thermacare warm packs (stick on)

Oralpadon = Electrolyte drink to be mixed with water

Vomacur (for motion sickness as well as stomach flu) 

Sleeping Pills: 
Haggar Nacht

Stuffy Nose:
Weleda Schnupfen Cream - to be applied IN your nose. It makes your nose run for the first few minutes and then you are good to go! Great before bedtime with a cold.
**see Cold Symptoms

Aspecton Hustentropfen - Thyme extract for coughs, mix a few drops in water

Cold Symptoms: 
Rhinopront = close to Sudafed (US)
Aspirin Complex = aspirin plus pseudoephedrin 
Wick Day Med - acetaminophen, phenylpropanolamine (non drowsy decongestant) und dextromethorphan (cough suppressant).
Wick MediNait - acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, ephedrine (sinus congestion relief), doxylamine (makes you sleepy)

Sinupret - homeopathic for cough/mucous/sinus/cold symptoms

Zytrec = Zyrtec (US)
Diphenhydramine = Benadryl (US)
Vividrin = remedy for Hay Fever, available in tablets, nose spray and eye drops

Rash/Skin Problems:
 Hydrocort = Hydrocortisone cream.  Only available .5% OTC here, in the US 1%.

Tyrosur Gel = Antibiotic creme
Hydrogenperoxide = Same, but the pharmacist must mix it for you. The most common (US) percentage is 3% for cuts, scrapes, oral hygiene.

Especially for Children: 

Nurofen = fever/bad flu 
Sinupret (fluid) for flu/cough release
Prospan syrup = for heavy dury cough/mucous congestion

Need to find an open Apotheke on a Sunday, holiday, or evening? Enter your zip code here to find an open Apotheke near you today. 
Alternatively, your local weekend newspaper will have a list, or check the door of your local (closed Apotheke. They take turns providing after hours services.


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This is an excellent article. Really really helpful. I was actually looking for something like this as I have recently moved to Furth and didnt know what to do for common problems.

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