Thursday, December 18, 2014

Recent Food Sightings

Aldi: Aldi now carries hummus!!! I have seen 3 flavors: natural, spicy, and pumpkin. I´ve onlyhad the natural, I thought it was very good, but should have been labeled lemon flavor. €1,39 for 200g (December 2014)

English bacon €,99 for 90g. Thanks to HENhaus member Theresa E. for the find!

Crazy Donuts (Nürnberg location): Twinkies!!!! Barq´s Root Beer, Hawaiian Punch (cans), cherry vanilla and regular Dr. Pepper.

Edeka:  Okra (canned/jarred vegetable section. Spotted in a larger Edeka €2,99 for 660 grams

Karstadt: (Nürnberg) Clotted cream (refrigerated section next to butter). Thanks Bob B. and Becky H. for the find!

Nürnberg Christkindlmarkt: (Sister City Markt) Blow Pops (cherry and grape), Hershey´s bars (regular flavor- sold out when I went), Hershey´s Mint Chocolate candy canes (€10 a box of 12).

Rewe Getränkemarkt (Bamberg)

Rewe Drink Market
There is a  new stand in the Rewe Getränkemarkt on Pödeldorfer Strasse in Bamberg (Thanks to my husband for discovering!). While Kraft macaroni and cheese, poptarts and some other items offered here can be found elsewhere, there are many items that are harder to find. Captain Crunch Crunchberry, Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles all around the €7 mark. The assortment of Hershey´s bars is incredible. Regular, almond, cookies and cream all for €1,29. Reese´s Peanut Butter cups and Almond Joy as well.

American sodas such as Welch´s grape and assorted Fanta varieties as well. They claim to be the only place selling Kool Aid.

This Rewe location is about a 3-4 minute walk from the Bamberg Bahnhof.

Substop (Hassfurt, Hirschaid, Hallstadt, Bamberg):  Cool Ranch Doritos and Lay´s Sour Cream and Onion chips! Arizona iced teas, macaroni and cheese, other rotating stock of snack items.

Have you made any recent food from home finds? Tell us in comments!


Kaffee und Kuchen said...

Thanks for this tip! If I hadn't seen this post, I would had missed out on visiting the Rewe Getränkemarkt when I was in Bamberg a few weeks ago. They had lots of the snacks mentioned above. The drinks are in the coolers and the food items are in one stand between the Getränkemarkt and the regular market and the is also a larger stand by the cash register.

Mandy939 said...

YAY! I´m happy this helped!