Monday, February 2, 2015

Local Resources- Things to Do!

Bamigo (also has a FB site)  Hyper local news. Interviews with local business owners, Bamberg specific news, local controversies and debates, heavy on Brose Baskets coverage.
Die Zwiebel - online and also found around town. Monthly Bamberg specific magazine (free). Features include the history of street names, local culture, interviews with notable residents, business owners, new or notable groups in the city. Bamberg´s City Marketing website. Up to date information on the city´s major festivals (Jazz and Blues, Wine Fest, Bamberg Zaubert). Local politics, culture, information on important local sites for sightseeing, beer culture.
KulturBamberg This could have EVERY event going on in Bamberg and Landkreis Bamberg. The booklet is available for free around town, published monthly. I personally find the print version better available for free around the city and at the tourist information center.
Feki Geared towards University students, contains a lot of information on nightlife and leisure activities. Also does fun things like list local happy hours, rate ice creams and pizzas, etc.
Fränkischer Nacht also available for free around the city, a local event guide focused on music/clubs
Bamberg´s Kirchweih Kalendar (also available for free in tourist information center)

City website Top  right corner has Google translate embedded. See Kultur for events.
City Marketing website in English
Hugo Magazine Monthly magazine. Art, Culture, Events
Fritzi - Family friendly events and information Erlangen and vicinity. Published a few times a year.

Forchheim city website in English, scroll down for "Highlights in Forchheim" note: many broschures about the area are downloadable from the site and in English.
Hugo Magazine Forchheim Art, Culture, Events,

Hugo Magazine Fürth Art. Cuture, Events
Festivals, Markets, Special Events (PDF)
Events from Stadt-Land-Fuerth

Herzo city website (in English) has local events listed, most also in English. Major festivals and events here.

Franken in General
Echt Oberfranken (monthly magazine) Local news for the Oberfranken area. Bamberg is prominently featured.
Plärrer - Magazine covering Nürnberg, Fürth and Erlangen. Local news and events
Wine festivals in Franken
Welcome to Franconia - local events, businesses, etc. in English
Frankenradar - event listing, really comprehensive, Fully searchable (location, date, type of event, etc.)
Frankentipps - website dedicated to events in the area. Fully searchable (location, date, etc.)
Bockbier anstich information
Bierland Oberfranken - beer related events
Fränkischer Schweiz Kirchweih Calendar
Franken Tourist Information in English, yearly highlights here
Kerwa Calendar
Wine festivals Würzburg and area
Events in Bavaria (English)

Curt Magazine (monthly)Local news and events, as well as an event calendar. Interviews with local people of  interest.
Prinz magazine (monthly) Super fun magazine. Features such as rating local lunches, vegan eating in the area, interviews with prominent local personalities. Heavy on food/restaurant coverage.
Nürnberg Kirchweih Kalendar (PDF)
Nürnberg Tourist Information yearly highlights in English
Nürnberg Tourist Information - Festivals and Markets in English
Every Thursday "tips" for things to do the following weekend can be found here.

City event highlights in English
Calendar of events 

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