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Monthly Overview - March 2015

Holidays (Federal or Bavaria specific) and Important Dates  
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School holidays March 28-April 12
March 29 - Palm Sunday

Events (by no means a complete list)


March 7 - 8 Easter Egg Market 40 Artists. Free, Activities for children as well.
March 21 - Found Bike Sale Looking for a cheap bike? Abandoned bikes found in the city of Erlangen go on auction today.
March 29 - Open Sunday!
Every Thursday, City Marketing Nürnberg publishes weekend tips! 
Ongoing - DAI has a number of events for English speakers in March
March 14 - Fruhjahr Run 
March 18-22 Freizeit Messe €11 Adults €6.50 11-14 (10 and under free) The area´s biggest fair for vacation, caravaning, garden and other free time activities
March 20 - April 6 Easter Market

It´s the beginning of the new Volkshochschule sessions!
Feb. 23- March 1 Bamberg´s Short Film Festival - adult tickets €7
Feb 27 - March 14 Stark Bier Season (and festival), Munich
March 15 - Open Sunday, Fürth
Feb 28 - March 1 Women´s Fair, Furth €5
March 6 - 8 Health Fair, Bamberg €6 Adults
March 7 Forchheim Kellerwald Run
March 12 - 22 Spring Market, Fürth
March 14 - 29 Würzburg Fruhjahr Volksfest!
March 21 Kneipenfest 16 locations, 15 bands €11 purchased ahead of time
March 26 - April 19 Easter Fountain time! See here for PDF of Frankischer Schweiz dates. 
March 27 - Bieberbach´s famous Osterbrunnen are decorated!
March 27 - 28 Wine Press Hall Festival, Würzburg Ring in the beginning of the wine season! 

Other things to do? 

From September - April 2015 go ice skating at Nürnberg Arena!

Click here for a list of tours in the area in English, many are indoors (museums). 

Visit the Nürnberg Planetarium

Take a day ski trip! Loads of companies organize them. Wöhrl, Jochen SchweizerSnowstarsIntersport (ask at the store for brochures) for example. 

Take a salsa class.

Wednesdays and Thursday evenings, go to the public ceramic workshop in Nürnberg, just €2 per evening! 

Go (indoor) rockclimbing. Kids just €2,50.  

Kick-Fabrik - Nürnberg indoor soccer and mini-golf

Rock cut beer celler tours (Nürnberg) every Sunday 11:30am in English. €5 

Take a hike! Link to VGN hiking information site here (English). Combine hiking and beer with the 5 Seidla Tour (English). Hiking trails in and around Herzo here. Nature parks in the region may be found here (link in German, click on interaktiven Karte for the map). 

Head to the Frankischer Schweiz (link in English) for breweries, hiking, castles, rock climbing, canoeing and more. An interactive map of hiking trails in the Frankischer Schweiz can be found here

Take your own wine walk in Nürnberg (link in German, map on right hand side of page).

Sign up for a class at the Volkshochschule (page includes links to the VHS in the HENhaus area).

Visit a pool or sauna- Atlantis is in Herzo, Nürnberg has many to choose from (link in  German), Stein (near Nürnberg) is home of Palm Beach, Bamberg has Bambados Can´t decide?  Schwimmbadcheck is an online review site for public pools, link is in English.

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