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Supermarkets in the HENhaus Area - or where to buy what (specialty foods for expats)

NOTE: Many supermarkets have the same name, but are independently owned and operated, and may not carry the same products. To find a location near you, click on the supermarket´s name (link) and go to "Filialfinder"- from there, put in your PLZ.

See here for the Toytown Germany wiki about American and British foods in Germany. Though it is focused on Munich, much rings true here as well. Well worth to read in it´s entirety, as there are also links to food subsitution sites, reviews of websites that send food overseas, etc. 

Larger Supermarkets

Larger Supermarkets will more likely have a butchery and cheese section where you can get products cut to your liking, or get advice on what to purchase.

Real - Most Reals will have International aisles- with specialties from USA, Mediterranean countries, Japan, China, Russia, etc.
Real also carries household goods, limited appliances and electronics and sporting goods. In the produce section, local items are often stocked together.

PG Tipps

Newman´s Own Caesar Salad dressing
Kraft Mac and Cheese
Campbell´s Tomato Soup.
Ritz Crackers (snack aisle)
Marshmallow Fluff (sweets aisle)
Heinz Baked Beans
Heinz Tomatoe Soup

Rewe (note: has limited delivery service)

Limited salad bars in most stores. Focus here is on food, rather than other goods. Most larger Rewe´s have an international section.

Karamellcreme (similar to Dulche de Leche)

A&W Root Beer
Cream Sodas
Hellmann´s Mayonaisse
Corn Starch (Maiz Starker)
Pimms (Karlzuckerstraße)
See here for prior post on Rewe Getränkemarkt Bamberg Pödeldorferstraße 

Edeka also focuses on food, other than Edeka Super Centers which have other household/sports/small appliance items.

Dr. Oetker Double Cream (similar to UK Double Cream)

Okra (jarred)
Corn Starch (Maiz Starker)
Pimms (Alterlangen)
Fondant, icing, food coloring, cake decorations (Alterlangen)
McVities Digestives (Alterlangen)

Kaufland, like Real, a larger supermarket carrying limited appliances, electronics, toys, sporting goods.

Filo dough Filotieg

Cathedral City Cheddar

Globus (Forchheim) The largest supermarket in the area, closest thing to a WalMart.


Uncle Cracker Natsnacks (similar to Triscuit) - Paprika, Natural and Olive Oil/Pepper flavors

Karstadt, Nürnberg (Perfetto)

Mint Jelly 
Clotted Cream
Mint Sauce
Frank´s Hot Sauce
Betty Crocker cake mixes and frostings

Discount Supermarkets: Discount supermarkets are smaller and have therefore a more limited selection. They make up for this by having special "weeks" when specialty products are sold (Italian week, American week, Austrian week, etc.). The discount supermarkets also alternate their non-food items by week- kitchen week, garden tool, knitting items week, running week, etc. Check their circulars for current specials.

Discount supermarkets will only sell pre-packaged cheese and meats (no butchery for example).

Norma Norma carries a variety of brand name items as well as their own brand. Norma´s produce focuses on local items when available, and they are clearly labeled as such.

Bacon Aufschnitt is the closest I have found to American bacon

Aldi Aldi carries mostly their own brand. Brand name items can occasionally be found.


English Bacon (thinner)

Lidl Lidl carries their own brands of items, as well as a limited selection of brand name items.  Lidl´s British week usually includes rather good (and inexpensive) cheddar cheese.

Caesar salad with chicken and parmesan- pre packaged. While it inexplicably comes with noodles, I´ve found that dressing the closest to American style Caesar dressing.

Reduced fat ground beef (pre-packaged)

During Specialty Week (list from English Native Speakers in Germany)

Baked Beans
Blackcurrant Juice
Caramel Shortbread
Cheddar Cheese
Cod Fillets
Corned Beef
Fish & Chips

Netto Nettor markets itself as brand name for less.

Bio Markets - While most supermarkets carry organic (or bio) products, these carry ONLY organic products.



Specialty Markets

MixMarkt (site in English)- Carries a variety of international foods, focus on Russian, Polish, Czech foods at my local branch. Great selection of pierogies. Locations in Bamberg, Forchheim, Nürnberg.

DM Not a supermarket, rather a drogerie, they carry lines of (canned/dried/boxed) bio products, gluten free and lactose free products.

Waltmann, Erlangen Not a supermarket, but a FANTASTIC place for cheese. They also hold cheese seminars/classes.

Delicatessen Müller, Bamberg Carries a number of marinades, sauces, as well as their own (fresh or frozen). Carries Stonewall Kitchen marinades and sauces (USA) and Spice Islands spice mixes (USA)

Mex-Al, Forchheim A restaurant supplier for local Mexican shops, they also sell to the public. You can visit their store in Forchheim, or order online. 

Australiss, Erlangen Australian specialty foods

Mercato Di Dio (Nürnberg and Bamberg) Large supermarket with Italian specialties- including fresh fish! Both locations also have small restaurants.

Culinaria Italia, Bamberg Italian specialties, as well as dine in restaurant during business hours. Also takes online orders. 

Ghandi Asian Shop (near Erlangen Bahnhof) Often has cilantro, random Johnson´s baby products, self rising flour, Nestle condensed milk, and PG Tipps.

DLB Shop, Fürth, Order online or visit their shop for American food and household items

American Store, Frauengasse 19, Nürnberg (note: website reflects just clothing. The store has food)

British Empire Shop, Nürnberg Second floor of the store has some British food items

PC-Icebox Oberasbach Advertises that they have over 2,000 American items in their shop

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Celebrate Navratri in Erlangen!

Celebrate the Indian festival of Navratri in Erlangen! 

Erlangen GarbaThe event, to be held at Pacelli-Haus, costs just €8 per person. The details of the event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/ErlangenGarba2014
For more information, email erlangen.garba@gmail.com