Thursday, November 14, 2019

Recommended Hair Salons in the HEN Area

**All are recommended by HENhaus members, and are English speaking. When highly recommended is stated, many members have recommended them**


Salon Exquisit Highly recommended, especially Lisa

Erwin Zöbelein 

Schlenkrich (esp. Anika Kluge) recommended for highlights/lowlights

Haaratelier - Heike is recommended. Great for both cut and color




Haarstube - highly recommended for cuts and color, esp. Markus, Aurelia, and Steffen

Cut and Color- recommended for coloring, esp. Jasmin

Lauf an der Pegnitz

Noe´s London Style highly recommended, esp for color. excellent baylage


Haarkunst highly recommended, esp. Jennifer and Stephanie

Die Friseure - recommended fr cut/color, esp. Sebastian

Sandra B. Highly recommended

Duke of Haircuts

Friseur el Classico Recommended for color, esp. baylage


Diana Willert - highly recommended by HENhaus members for cut and color.

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