Activities for Kids

Here is a list of English speaking tours of the area (some are geared towards children). This post was accurate as of August 2014. 

Nürnberg for Children (official website with LOADS of English!)

In Cold Weather

Indoor rock climbing, kids just €2,50. Note: Birthday parties are just €60 for two hours! 

Tucherland, situated very close to Nuremberg airport, is an excellent indoor soft play area with trampolines, slides, bouncy castles, climbing wall and much more Also has an outdoors area too. Restaurant is ok (fries with everything) but the kids will love it. Mornings are MUCH quieter than the afternoons, which can get manic. Great for kids from walking age up to about 12? Much cheaper when you buy season passes (3 months or a year) and well worth the 3 month pass for the winter months. You can even hold birthday parties there.

Spieldorado, smaller than Tucherland, but similar

Swimming at Atlantis pool in Herzogenaurach, Königsbad in Forchheim (which is my personal favourite), and Röthelheimbad in Erlangen. At all these places, the mornings are ALWAYS less busy than the afternoons.

Höffner (a large department store) in Fürth, has a great indoor play area. It is called the Kinderspielparadis. Lots of Bobby cars, play houses and a big ball pool with slide. Over 3’s can stay without an adult (i.e. while you shop!) and parents can stay with under 3’s. No cost, even if you don’t buy anything from the store!!! Open from 10.00am every day except Sunday. Age – for toddlers up to about 5 years???

IKEA in Fürth also has a small children’s play area, and there are sections in IKEA (e.g. in the children’s furniture/toy department) which can keep the kids entertained for a while. No cost!!! Except that, as everyone knows, no-one can leave IKEA without buying a car-boot full of stuff.

The Train Museum in Nuremberg (DB Museum in Verkehrsmuseum) is excellent, even if your kids aren’t massive train fans. There’s lots of interactive stuff to do for them upstairs, and downstairs some really old trains to look at!. The cafe there is great too! Age range: from 2 years upwards.

The Children’s museum in Nuremberg (Kindermuseum) is good, but really for 6 years upwards in my opinion.

There is the Playmobil Fun Park in Zirndorf, near Furth. Best for hot or warm weather as the outside area is HUGE, but for cold weather they have an indoors area, where you can play with all the Playmobil toys. It is low cost when it is just the indoor area open – (in the summer you play a higher entry, but it is brilliant.) Of course, you WILL end up buying a whole heap of Playmobil toys yourself when you try and leave!!! In the school holidays in colder months, a larger section of the indoors is open, and that is even better, as they also have small events going on for the kids. Age range: 2 – 12?? Link in English

Of course there is the Tiergarten (Zoo) in Nuremberg.

There is a dairy farm in Bräuningshof, (just 5 mins north of Erlangen) which allows you to walk around the farm, looking at the animals. It is a working farm, but the owners quite like people being there, and in the afternoon there are often quite a few kids. You can even arrange birthday parties there. They have cows, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys. Of course the tractors are great for the little ones to look at. They even have a play area with a trampoline, various slides and a climbing wall, and a couple of wooden horses to climb on. No cost!!!. As for getting there – just head for Hauptstrasse in Bubenreuth and keep going on up the hill, the farm is on your left. Age range: all, but 2-8 years will really like it. Their FB page is here.

A walk around Dechsendorferweiher (10 mins from Erlangen, on the way to Herzogenaurach) is always nice (if it isn’t too cold!!!) Takes about an hour to walk around the entire lake. No cost!!!! The restaurant there is really nice!

Kick-Fabrik - Nürnberg indoor soccer and mini-golf

Ice Skating- Most cities have somewhere for ice skating (google Eislaufen and your town´s name).

Various playgrounds in Erlangen are great. The one on Bohlenplatz (town centre) is one at which I always bump into English speaking people. There is another excellent one – Theodor-Huess-Anlage which is near Roethelheim. Here is a link to all of the playgrounds in Erlangen.

Visit some of Nürnberg´s many parks. Information in English here. Information on amusement and indoor parks in Nürnberg in English here. 

Kletterwald in Rothenberg o.d. Tauber is fun for kids of all ages. 

E-Werk (Erlangen town centre) has events geared towards children. Click on Kinderkultur (right hand side) for the littles, Jugendkultur for those a little older.

Of course, there are always seasonal things going on. Check out For example March has a Fasching party, December geared towards Christmas etc.  There is often lots for school age children in the school holidays too.

Kinderturnen is something for kids age 1.5-5. Can happen mornings or afternoons – of course, the afternoon ones are generally for after-Kindergarten (so the kids are generally older) and the morning ones for younger kids, but that doesn’t stop anyone going. I know of Kinderturnen in Alterlangen, in Spardorf and at the Loschgeschule....just ask if you want more details.  Also check at your town's Sporthalle or Merzweckhalle.

Fasching (carnival time) – in the deepest month of winter, February, there are lots of Fasching activities going on.  Parties and other community sponsored activities.  Google Kinderfasching and your town´s name for local Fasching events geared towards children. 

Roadtrips - Even though the weather isn't great, a day-trip to a nearby city may be just what you need to distract the kids!  Check the museum listings for big cities.  Places like Munich have a much better selection and great ones for kids like The Deutches Museum - and at 2 hours away, you can easily do it in a day!

Skiing - It´s not the Alps, but here´s a list of  39 ski areas in Bavaria. Link in English

In Warm Weather

All of the above, plus:

See our Warm Weather Post HERE.

Frensdorf has a Bauernmuseum  - check out how farmers lived in the early 1900s.

Weitramsdorf/Tambach has a Wild Park, kind of like a zoo, but more open. Note: they soon plan to have overnight activities for children!

Monsterpark in Rattelsdorf- a little pricey, but where else can you drive monster trucks and monster sized construction equipment by the hour? Kids parties available as well! Theoretically, NOT for really young kids, I was unable to find an age limit on the website.

Nürnberg Experience Field (Sensory experiences)- link in English.

Freizeitland Gieselwind (about 45 minutes by car from Nberg, closer to Schweinfurt) Bavaria´s most popular amusement park. Animals, rides, shows, etc.

Playmobil Funpark outdoor area is our personal favourite for a lovely hot summer’s day. I can only compare it to somewhere like Lego Land, but there aren’t any fairground rides as such, just loads of great stuff for active kids to do. Loads of (shallow wading) water activities so bring swimming costume for the kids. Much cheaper if you buy a season pass which you WILL use!!!! Great for kids from 2-12???

There is a wonderful Farm in Hüttendorf (about 15 mins from Erlangen), where you can feed chickens and see goats and ducks. Also you can pick your own fruit and vegetables!! It is great! Especially in raspberry and strawberry season.

The Forest Experience Centre(Walderlebniszentrum) in Tennenlohe, (5 mins South of Erlangen) is great for a trip out to the forest. Lots of activities for the kids built into a track through the woods (climbing, balancing etc.) as well as huts filled with info about trees and animals. Free of charge!! 

There is an amusement park ‘Schloss Thurn’ near Forchheim which is great fun. Lots of motorised rides for the kids, some shows, an experience park and some animals to look at.  Grilling is also possible. Good for ages 1.5-12??? Prices are here

The Schwabach Anlage (Erlangen town centre-ish) is lovely on a really hot day – the stream is freezing!!!! A few activities for the kids to do with the water. Use googlemap for directions.

There is a summer toboggan ride (Sommerrodelbahn) in Pottenstein (about 45 mins north of Erlangen) which is fun for kids age 3 and up.  Pottenstein and the surrounding area are beautiful and have lots of great hiking and walking, and some caves you can visit.  If teh weather is hot you can also rent paddle boats right next to the Rodelbahn, or head across the street for some swimming!

Also in Pottenstein is E-Park Pottenstein, Segways, Go karts, E-Bikes for rental.

Pick your own berries and currants, and even asparagus! click here or here for a few places in the Nürnberg area. Check the individual websites for more information. 

Nürnberg´s Experience Park is fun for the whole family! See- touch- feel- smell Open until September 19, 2014. 

Bier Gartens! May sound incongruous with activities for kids, but not here in Germany!  Most of the real biergartens (not the ones which are just a garden area behind a building in the city) have at least a playground to entertain your kids as you enjoy a cold one.  The really good ones have petting zoos, go-carts, trampolines, pony rides, and so much more.  Our favorite in the area is Lindenhof, out in the fields north of Herzogenaurach.  The food leaves us somewhat wanting, but the extent of kids activities makes it worth it.  Check Thalia for books with a guide to the areas's best Biergartens, or use this tool online. 

Post updated August 2014